I got a NoteBook…

Its been long since i last posted anything here.. Last three-four months of 2003 kept me very busy. I somehow managed to get leave for a few days and went back home (Kanpur).
I had nice time with my family, ate a lot. My mom kept cooking my favourite dishes for me. I can still feel taste yam yam..
Good thing was that my brother gifted me a Compaq Preserio Notebook. Wow! I got a NoteBook..I always dreamt to have one…
It has good configuration except it has AMD Athlon XP processor but i don’t notice any difference between it and my office workstation with Intel P4.
me going to have phun wid it…

  • Congratulations Abdul!
    I had the same dream too and i know how much enjoy you get while someone fulfils your dreams!

  • Congrates Dude,
    I still dreaming about the notebook. Hope one day I will get the one. Well, Enjoy with the new laptop and keep rocking the flash community.

  • Thanks guys 🙂
    Sachin, i hope you will soon get it. These days notebook’s price are very less.