eLearning with Central

For some time, i have been thinking about Macromedia Central and eLearning space. Meanwhile, i have also been busy studying AICC and SCORM standards, i am just wondering how can a Central eLearning application be AICC or SCORM confornmant.
I am sure, i would be able to think on something…

  • Abhishek

    Not sure about the AICC but SCORM can surely be implemented by haveing the gemeral AU structure for your central application. For AICC, i guess am LMS needs to communicate with Central. Not sure if thatz possible :o|
    Anyway Abdul, I saw ur comment in the Mike’s site. We as a Flash community member have heard of a lot of ppl (not sure if u have hrd abt me, but I did hrd abt u). If you want I can come on stage & ask you to come and meet me on March 5th :o)
    take care,

  • Hi Abhishek,
    Sure, i have heard about you, i guess through Flashgroup.org, man i keep looking for Indian names related to Flash 🙂
    See ya there..