• True, J2ME works on a lot more phones than FlashLite at this point. FlashLite just needs more time, for more flashlite supporting phones to be available + people to buy the new phones. Lots of potential there…

  • You’re absolutely right!.
    The same thing can be done with a few lines of code in FlashLite.
    I’ve gathered a quick example and posted it here:

  • Hi Cesar,
    You are real quick guy! Thanks for doing that. It’s really good to see both of examples side by side. No explanation would be required in support of FlashLite.
    Nik, your right. If we see, FlashLite has started a couple of years back. Where as Java as a platform for devices, has been available for many years. FlashLite won’t take long time to be at that level.
    We already have a big Flash community and learning curve to develop FlashLite apps is very short. So opertors would probably realize the potential & market. We as developers/designers community would make difference 🙂
    I have already filed a petition on this blog for FlashLite support in devices given by Reliance, on e of the largest mobile operators in India.

  • I also think there’s a lot of potential in Flash Lite, but there’s still a lot to do.
    There are some things ( like some kind of data persistence ) that must be improved to make Flashlite a serious J2ME competitior.
    But, there are some other things where Flashlite is much better than J2ME, like animated backgrounds, screensavers, …
    Anyway, we need more supported devices, and more support from the operators.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • cheesewalla

    flash lite will explode in the next 12 months depending on the vendors shippment of the devices comptabile with flash…
    It would be interesting when we can access the files from inbox to our application..

  • Right! Macromedia FlashLite 2.0 would support ActionScript 2.0 syntax and has many other new capablities.
    Please send your wishes to Macromedia FlashLite team, so that they are aware what kind of features you looking for.
    You can log bugs or send wishes/enhancement-requests, using following link:

  • Anil kumar

    Hi this is anil kumar
    working on j2me applications. Any one can tell me that is any coding on screen savers using j2me domain. If so, plzzzz send me some links or brief description how to develop it.

  • venkataramana

    dear Sir/mam
    i am very new to J2ME platform,
    could you please guide me trough developing my first simple J2ME application,
    and wat softwares and IDE does it require to run
    thanks in advance

  • J2me is growing fast and now android is in market. A tough competition..

  • Fahadmajeedrana

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