No posts!

I am not posting anything, even though I want to. I do have time for writing something or posting, but I don’t have any thing new or interesting.
I just don’t like posting stuff, which has already been bloged by someone. But I do it sometimes, for the sake of keeping this blog alive 🙂
I will be back with my stuff, my ideas and my experiments….very soon…

  • Abhishek

    Hey Abdul,
    Thatz not done, man. Atlease write about the new movie u saw, or the new chick ;o)
    BTW, you doin a gr8 job as far as posting info on the blog is concerned.

  • Thanks Abhishek….
    Honestly speaking, I am bored of computers and all…I mean, I want to do something more meaningful…
    I love Maths & programming, that I will keep doing even when I quit from this profession….
    Mobiles are next interesting thing….