Flash JavaScript Integration Kit

Christian Cantrell and Mike Chambers of Macromedia have released Flash JavaScript Integration Kit. This kit allows two way communication between Flash application and JavaScript in browser.
It works on most of the browsers and operating systems, whereever Flash Player works. This kit would also allow complex-data-type transfer between Flash application and JavaScript.
You can find more information about it here.
I am not sure, if I should continue working on my JSFC library, I might still work on JSFC because I have some ideas and I want to experiment with those.

  • I support you!! ^-^

  • sk

    Hello, I used the JSFC library and I met a problem. Hope you can see and solve the problem for me. 🙂
    When I recompile the example.fla, the size of example.swf is smaller than previous and it shows me an error when I click “Run Test Code”. I could not find out the problem. Currently, I am using Flash MX2004.
    Thank you in advance for reading my words. 🙂

  • sam s

    Does this kit was with flash 7 actionscript 2?

  • sam s

    Hi Abdul,
    I have tried this thing by method of javascript flash communication and have not been able to anything but the example working.
    However yours was no trouble at all I would love to see an update if you did one!!!