Macromedia Flash Player 8 public beta is available

You can get the Macromedia Flash Player 8 public beta from here.
There are lots new features in Flash Player 8.
Install the public beta and run your existing content to make sure all works fine. If you find some of your existing application(s) is breaking, this might be bug in player. So report it to Macromedia guys.
Update: Report bugs at

  • Hi, looks like you only give out links to what one can download and such stuff… Well.. this is just a random blog I found myself in…. I am Dhruv from Mumbai. Don’t know what to say… Well…. what do you do? I know you are from mumbai. where in Mumbai? Whatever.. you can get in touch if you wish to.
    Isn’t this coment a tad morbid?

  • A release note would be nice though to explain what exactly the features are.

  • Tariq-
    I think, release notes would posted soon. The idea of public beta is that you test your existing flash/flex apps with it and report the issues you see.
    I will post once there is release notes, meanwhile you can look at Flash Platform whitepaper for new features… Some of them are:
    – Upload/Download API
    – Image effects
    – On2 Video Codec
    – IME support
    You are right, lately I am just posting links. Actually, I don’t have much stuff to post but once in a while I post links to keep this blog alive 🙂
    I want to post something cool, like tips/tricks and answers to commonly asked queries on flexcoders. I am going to start posting flex related queries and their solutions, which I have answered on flexcoders in last few months.
    I was in Mumbai for almost two year, now I am in Bangalore and work for Macromedia India in Flex team.

  • Oh… I accidentally bumped into this page while searching for something else. This seems to be the down-low on this player: