Air Deccan sucks

I was stuck on Mumbai airport for 5-6 hrs because of the worst services by Air Deccan.

My flight to Bangalore was supposed to depart at 1130 hrs. I got a sms early morning that flight departure had been rescheduled to 1445 hrs. When I reach airport, I find that departure is further rescheduled to 1600 hrs. When I check-in, I hear an announcement that flight is delayed by fifteen minutes. Only fifteen minutes?
This is really bad and it seems Air Deccan doesn’t care about passengers. My one day is completely wasted and one more leave is reduced from my leave-quota in office 🙁

Just a couple of weeks back, when I was coming back from Kanpur to Delhi, I was charged Rs. 70/KG of extra-luggage by Air Deccan folks. I was told by their booking-agent that extra-luggage cost is Rs. 25/KG, I confirmed this twice because I knew that I would be having extra-luggage.

Thanks GOD, I had some cash with me otherwise Kanpur airport is in outskirts,miles away from any ATM. And these guys don’t accept cards at check-in counter so what would have happened if I didn’t have enough cash to pay? Either I would have to leave luggage and take flight or I would have to go back?
Later, when I sent a mail to Air Deccan folks, they asked me to see point number x in terms-and-conditions sections on their website.
Anyways, I would prefer not to travel by Air Deccan in future.

  • Puneet Kapoor

    Hello eveyone! i had this horrid experiance with air deccan well in hindi slang its very rightly named air dhakkan.Anyway i had travelled by this god for saken airline on the 23rd of may from bangalore to new delhi and beforeleaving my house i just confirmed the departure timings and thankfully it was leaving on time.So accordingly i left for the airport, on my arrival at the airport check in counter i was shocked at the rude way the airline spoke to me as they were not aware of the departure timings and niether was there an announcement. anyway i had to checkin and be very allert in the lounge from where you get your boadrding pass so that i dont miss the damn flight. not only this in flight we were served boiling hot water and soft drink which offcourse paid for and i really felt cheated and
    sweared that never ever shall i travel by this rotten airline. now lets see if i get a reply from air deccan guys to whom i have written the same ,wel till now no goodluck eachopne of you.

  • Hi,
    I am planning a class action against Air Deccan in the Consumer Court for delayed refunds. Please mail me ALL details if you are interested.
    NOTE: This is *only* for delayed refunds, NOTHING else. If you have had a problem with delayed refunds, let me know. Other sob stories will be deleted.

  • Air deccan is the best. Use it only as a point to point airline, never have connecting flights after travelling by it. And I dont see why people would want to eat and drink on a flight. Eat and drink after you reach the destination. Do you guys eat and drink in buses? Carry an umbrella(its in the aircraft logo). Travelling by air deccan is supposed to be a thril ride so use backpacks and make sure you wear sports shoes in case smoke fills the cabin and you have to make a run for it. If you reach the destination then you have made it, congratulate yourself and tell all your friends. Women, children and men with responsibilities and no insurance should not fly this airline. Everybody should have insurance before they board.

  • poojitha

    i m doing a study on air deccan and the consumer perception change over the merger with Kingfisher airlines. if you would .ike to be a part of my study pl give me your contact details and i shall call you. thank you

  • Sanjay Dhar

    I was travelling from Kolkata to Chennai on the 11.30am flight on 29/06/2007. My return was on same day 20.00 hrs flight from Chennai to Kolkata.
    I had a small hand bag and no luggage. I were to attend a seminar in a college for 2 hours. I called them to send the car to the airport in Chennai to pick me up. I went to Kolkata airport on time, took the boarding pass, did security check and asked when the flight is departing. I was told by Air Deccan staff to leave the queue as my flight departure is not shown on the departure gate, and there was no msg also on the TV screen. There was no announcement either. As I never knew that you have to board Air Deccan the way you board a crwded suburban train, I waited for their announcement and departure instructions on gate 2A. When it showed at 11.28am, I gave my boarding pass to the gate staff of Air Deccan to be told the flight has left.
    This was nothing but a fraud case by the airlines as I was attentive to all announcements, to all instructions, and even proactively asked their staff of deparuter details to which they deliberately misled me.
    A police report was filed immediately with Kolkata Airport Police for physically not allowing me to board the flight as the flight departed much later after they prevented me to board the same – as per the airport duty manager.
    The investigating officer of the police station was barked at, and Air Deccan employeed misbehaved in the most filthiest of manner with me.
    DGCA needs to act on such behaviour and modus operandi of the operator.

  • Rajesh

    Instead of cribbing about the service provided by air deccan better pass it on to your friends and dear ones..if everyone of us does this we could prevent lot of people from travelling through air deccan..when their business is hit they will come back to their senses..nothing hurts like loss of we as consumers know the better way to teach these rascals a lesson

  • bimith

    as of me airdeccan is ment for common man travelling with in india not for official and is good for casual travel .for me air deccan is boon as it help me to travel from delhi to trivandrum for 2500 rupee 4-5 times in year as iam working in delhi and my home is at trivandrum
    dont blame airdeccan it is a great initiative by capt Gopinath .

  • harish

    i want to see

  • VJR

    well as some one said above, Air deccan is a flt for everyone who is not in hurry just a holiday preferably all by himself or ehrself or just a young couple freaking out at low cost to wind their way outs.
    well it is vfm value for money when the price u get is low.
    cheers to capt. gopinath & vijay mallaya and co…

  • Malhotra

    Air Deccan Sucks!! they r not airlines for everyone…they r just fooling indians..By the way,i never travelled with air deccan,neither will i anyday,i prefer bus/train rather than such a worthless airline.And to remember,jetlite/go air/spice jet are having same fares approx,or in some cases just one or two hundred rupees extra.To save those few bucks,dnt spoil ur time or indirectly for delays u spend up,more than 200-300Rs inside the airport.

  • Sandeep Kar

    I’ve had delayed refund response, where the amount for ticket was dedunted twice from card while net booking n not refunded till now after a month also, in CAL- Bhubaneswar flight on 20th Sept 2007.
    contact me @ [email protected] if u plan 2 sue deccan…

  • Aks

    They charged me twice for a single transaction.. didn’t refund that money, nor have I got refund on other tickets that I canceled. Apart from that they are the biggest losers I have seen…

  • sharma

    Air Deccan is a fucker


    If you made an online transaction to buy your ticket that means you made the mistake of making the transaction twice, on the other hand if you booked your ticket at the airport they will refund your money. Please Dont make accusations un-necessarily.

  • Russell

    After reading what could be a book of negative letters about Deccan and having had my own nightmarish experience the one time I was forced to use them, I’ve now decided to use alternative land transportation on the short flight from DEL to Derhadun. Because of a 7 hour delay on a LUH-DEL departure, I missed my international connection and had to scramble for costly emergency accomodations in Delhi. I’ve traveled internationally for many years and have never experienced such lack of consideration and neglect for clients by an airline. As in the case of almost all of these postings, I tried to contact Deccan by phone and email but never received a reply. Their phone only had a message service and the emails also went ignored. This carrier sets the standard for irresponsibility and disdain for passanger rights and equity.
    My only recourse for my past expensive experience is to avoid useing them again even if they are the only carrier ‘serving’ that destination.

  • MK Sangoi

    Yatra & AirDeccan SUCKS.Yatra booking refrence number is 7B7MIA with AirDeccan PNR 8248332 was cancelled on 5/8/08 for Sec Kandla-Mumbai for travel date 6/9/08 for 3 paxs, MK Sangoi,HM Sangoi,HK Sangoi.After numerous follow-up with Air Deccan people,everytime I receive a standard reply that it will be done in a 3 days.The Booking amt was Rs.13047 & refund amt is Rs.10647. Numerous calls to Mr Eshwar Singh (supposed to be Refund Officer) on his mobile 09986712197 & Mr.Somaiya go unattended.
    I have spoken to numerous people at the Call centre (Chandrakala etc…), wasted hundreds of rupees in STD Calls. Also Yatra who is supposed to be my booking agent, washes its hand away in AirDeccan refund cases, saying that the customer directly needs to follow up on that.
    Since the booking is made thru Yatra , why wouldn’t Yatra take care of the Refund as well. So to sum it ‘is yatra the no.1 travel website ?’ Yes definately its no. 1 in phasaoing.

  • PTI, Updated: December 24, 2010 16:11 IST International airport after one of its engines developed a technical problem and shut down mid-air

  • AMD plans to begin internal testing of their next-generation Deccan platform in the first quarter of 2011, says a report from DigiTimes, and will send

  • I was stuck on Mumbai airport for 5-6 hrs because of the worst services by Air Deccan. My flight to Bangalore was supposed to depart at 1130 hrs.