There is a lot to learn

Today, I realized that I am not as good as I used to think in other areas(HTML/CSS/Server-side-languages/Databases) of web programming except ActionScript/Flex.
I have also gotten bad in Mathematics, Physics etc. I used to be good in these during school time or two years back when I was doing some games-programming.
I really need to learn lot more than I know. Need to work on fundamentals. But there is hope, learning never stops and I am confident that I would be better in all these areas someday again.
To be very honest, I am feeling very bad. I am really upset….

  • I realized the same the a few days ago. But i felt good about it. It’s the learning part that i really like the most about webdevelopment anyway… so i’m glad the end is not in sight 🙂

  • don’t worry; we all go through those phases, once you get back into a cool project you realise you got it all back and the learning curve was not as bad.

  • Kengwei

    I feel the same way you feel…… You are not along.

  • Hey Friend, Dont feel down. I know you can do it. Just give it a bit push and you will be back on track. Enjoy

  • Dark Shadow

    Your brain can not be a memory chip where you can store data forever. It is more than enough that you have a confidence that you just need to brush up the things and you will be better again the areas where you think you have lost the touch  cheer up!

  • Thanks guys for motivating statements…

  • I learn things only when I need to.

  • This is just a temporary feeling that one often gets when the skillset is not restricted to a handful. The thing is that you cannot always work on everything you know, so what you are not working on gets ignored!! For more than 18 months I’ve been solely working on PHP so I feel that I don’t know about ASP or JSP or Flash, but when I start working on them, I’ll get their feel back!!

    So don’t be bothered about it if your concepts are rock solid!! If the base is there, you can always re-model the structure above without too much hassle!! 🙂

  • Manish- Right, that’s how I have learnt things. But what about when you are not very confident about things which you have not worked for sometime..
    Amit- You are right, that is the hope here. I know, I would be good again once I start working on those things..