IBM Thinkpad or any other?

I am planning to buy a notebook/laptop. I have company-provided IBM Thinkpad T41, which I like a lot. I am fan of Thinkpad but thought to ask you folks about your choices and opinions about any other brand.

I am wondering, what all other brands are as good as IBM Thinkpad? I am looking for following things:

  • 1400×1250 or higher screen resolution
  • at-least 3 hours battery back-up
  • compact, sleek and strong body

RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Graphics-card etc are things which, I think, most of brands provide various options for.

Oh yeah, what factors you consider before buying a notebook? Your experiences after you bought a notebook and found that you missed something while making decision.

  • Thinkpad is the way to go! I have and love a T43p, very fast, not heavy, I love it.
    Its price tag is pretty big, but it worth every penny
    PS – abdul, please increase your font size on the blog. I’m still young, but others aren’t 😀

  • Of the Laptops Ive had/used the Thinkpad was probably my least favorite (which is what Im using now). The performance is there, but the plastic can be loose, the screen difficult to open and hard to read, the hard drive skips with the slightest movement, and I dont like the fact that I have to sacrafice an alt key for my Windows key.
    My favorite laptop has been a gaming laptop from ABS computers, however, battery life is much to be desired and they have a tendancy to run hot (so it wouldnt work for you very well).
    The best I can do is suggest that you try to use some laptops before you buy and see how they are hands on as much as possible – maybe look to some close friends who have laptops they’d be willing to let you borrow for a day or two if possible.

  • Alexandru- Thanks for your feedback on font-size. I have increased the font-size, hope it is visible to everyone 🙂
    As said in post, I also like IBM Thinkpad but this time I want to see all available brands and may be there is one better than Thinkpad.
    Thanks senocular for your suggestion…

  • Hi seconular,
    The harddrive protection is supposed to save your data and you will appreciate it then – however, I am sure you can disable it. Also, it’s very simple to assign the windows key to the right alt.
    I haven’t mentioned the software upgrades – they are overkill – everything is updated automatically – drivers, bios, packages, etc
    However, trying is the best thing to do, indeed.

  • How about a Powerbook? 😉 No seriously, if you can wait, maybe you could wait for the x86 version, (coming sometime in June, I think)?

  • Premshree- I was seriously thinking about Powerbook, but may be as secondary machine. I am more comfortable with Windows OS as of now but would probably want to switch to any *nix box in future.
    Alexandru- Right, you can disable hard-drive-protection and you can also map ALT key to windows-key…

  • Hmmm.
    The new x86 powerbooks *might* be able to dual boot windows too…
    And I’d recommend waiting for the new Intel Yonah processor laptops, the power savings *and* performance are really good.

  • I recently bought an IBM R52. I could not afford the T series since the price was pretty steep. I am happy with it so far. The max screen resolution it supports is 1024×768 though.

  • Anonymous

    How about considering a Sony Vaio? It is stylish. B, FS, S series are travel friendly I guess.

  • Ok,
    The new MacBook is out ( ). Bit expensive, but price should come down in a couple of months…
    What do you think?

  • What about the Z60 Series?

  • If you have a budget of 80k, the best model with style, sleekness, graphics, features, performance, memory and space among all existing models is LG LW20 express. Check this web site:
    Note: The price listed here is more then dealer price. So contact directy a dealer for details.
    I thought of going for a 50 k model, but this one turned out so impressive, I ended up with buying this 80 k model

  • Abdul,
    I recently went through the process of selecting a laptop and finally settled on an IBM Thinkpad z60m. (some details on how i decided are on my blog)
    The macbook, imo, is too new and untested. makes a good case for waiting a few months to a year before buying a macbook.
    I think you ought to look at someone travelling from the USA to buy a laptop and bring it in. In India you essentially end up pying an extra 25-30 %.
    Anyway good luck with your purhase!

  • You can try out the new Acer 4061 and 4062 series, good performance and cheap also. Again the screen size is 15″ and also it is a centrino or PIV model. Also, the RAM can be upgraded and they currently are offering some good goodies also along with it.
    The best part of it is that for around 45K to 52K you get a DVD writer also and upto 1GB of RAM… 🙂
    – Gags

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  • I tested this camera for a client. I didn’t have the light running for more than 15 minutes. The battery lasted approximately 6 hours before recharging. The
    LCD, however, had a few dead pixels – never saw this before. Tried returning for exchange and had to put up quite a fight. Anyone else seen this?