Is being-nice a good thing?

I think it is good but sometimes it hurts if other person takes advantage of it. Something happened, that upsets me..
So is being-nice a good thing?

No matter what happens, I would always try to be a nice person.

  • Only if everyone felt that way.

  • If you do the good thing, then many years from now you won’t wake up in the middle of the night, hating yourself for having done the bad thing…. 😉

  • Kill them with kindness.
    What goes around comes around.
    Turn the other cheek.
    Blah blah blah… hell yeah being nice is a good thing. Being mean is a bad thing. If you were taken advantage of, I’m sorry to hear that. You still rock, though!

  • veejay

    Its always been told to be good-hearted to people. You got to accept this is a dog-eat-dog world. Take it with a pinch of salt. I agree to what JD mentioned. You are much more at ease when you do the right thing!

  • jyoti

    y what happen????

  • Nishant

    its our national disease. we pay our foreign debts on time, turn the other cheek to pakistan’s agressiveness, meekly surrrender to the US and have no clue on china. its time we behave as a worthy nation. and it comes from its people. if people are too nice, too meek and too naive obviously our national behaviour willalso be that way.

  • Anand

    hey its a phrase u can not be good to everyone
    a coin has two faces so once u become good to one the orther feels bad and the rhythm goes on so dont worry