The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman says that in his book The World is Flat. I am reading this book these days. This book is interesting because it talks about the globalized world in 21ST century.

I am learning many things about how call-centers, support-centers, banks, news-channels etc function to deliver services more efficiently than past. How people across the world work 24/7 on an average to make that possible, how technologies are making it easier and many more things.

Ok, I have started some general blogging. I think, that’s another way to keep my blog up-to-date until I have some more interesting stuff to share with you all 🙂

  • Zenil

    Hi Abdul,
    I didnt find an email. So posting here.
    Are you interested in doing a contract project in Flash.
    The work involves making a 3D presentation in Flash for a firm based in Bangalore. They are in to construction business and the presentation is wrt a project in Goa.
    If you are interested mail me at [email protected]..

  • anonymous

    Being nice is always a good thing… n always pays u back one day or the other