• I can’t see anything there?

  • Oye yaar… bas majaa aa gaya yeh video dekh kar.
    Yaadein taaza ho gayeen.
    btw, kis year mein yeh video bana hai? Definitely after 2k2. 🙂

  • vinay


  • Hey Abdul,
    Fantastico blog. Where’d you get this idea from? Featuring new artists and making their music downloadable. Was going this video and they’re good.
    I myself am releasing my first album with T series. The website is http://www.ArjunAnant.com . Would be ecstatic to get a little feature on your blog.
    Do give an ear to “Baby for your love”. The track’s in hindi and is available for download on the demos page.
    Let me know if you can put a little something online. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Our Myspace link is http://www.myspace.com/arjunanant
    PS: Don’t know where to write to you.