Adobe Flex 2.0 released

Adobe Flex 2 has been released, I got to know from Matt’s blog. With this release has also been announced.

Check out for more information.

Download Flex 2.0 (Free SDK or FlexBuilder 2.0 trial)

Update: Raghu ( a friend and engineer in Adobe Flex team) blogged about Flex 2.0 release. He also posted the picture of “About Flex Builder 2.0” screen. I can see my name there also, it feels great that Flex team remembered me for my contributions. Though I left couple of months before this release but I am super excited and feeling great as if I am still part of that team.

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  • Mark

    Check out for more information.

  • Rajesh

    Cool…it was nice to see your name..

  • Thanks Mark, I already posted link in the post..
    Thanks Rajesh..

  • HI Abdul….
    Your name really deserves to be on the list…
    ( the link to my post is broken 🙂