Yahoo! Messenger 8 beta deleted message archives

This evening, I trusted Yahoo! Messenger beta which is of course of beta quality. I installed it to check the new Yahoo! and MSN thingy.
Just now, I noticed it deleted entire message archive while installation.
Sad ๐Ÿ™

  • Is it me – or does anyone find Y! IM’s constant nagging of if I want to upgrade to Yahoo 8 beta ultra annoying? When I say “no thanks” that decision should stick…. Nag me on a production version at least, good Lord!

  • krishna raj

    In Yahoo messenger 8 beta version, once preferences is done then you cannot edit back to default position. ๐Ÿ™
    Now, Again I have installed version 7.5 again.

  • Faisal

    Hello Qabiz!!
    I could not find any contact info of
    yours!! I have some questions regarding
    FLEX!! Where is your email address??
    Any way, let me post my question here
    may be you will be able to answer. Suppose
    I have a button on my flex interface and
    on the same computer where I am running
    my FLEX interface I have an exe file called
    C:\ti\tina.exe. How do I connect this exe
    file with my button in FLEX? As soon as
    the button is pressed the exe file will
    launce. I do not want it to launch in my
    FLASH env. The exe file can start its own
    env, I mean window!! If you can help me
    out with it, I will highly appreciate that.

  • albert

    i got my c drive formated and so had to download the messenger again. to my surprise i could not get all the room list which earlier appeared to me. some of the room which i visited frquently did not appear,while in my leptop i still get those rooms.can anyone help in this and tell how can i get the complete list of rooms in yahoo….mail me at [email protected]