Adobe FlashLite 2.1 is free for Symbian devices

Through Bill Perry’s blog I got to know that FlashLite 2.1 standalone player is free for supported Symbian devices (Nokia S60, Sony etc). Yet another good move by Adobe. I am not sure, what would be their revenue model by making this free? Anyways, Thanks Adobe.

Check out Bill’s post for more. You can get installer from this download link.


  • Revenue model? How ’bout the same as the Flash Player for desktops? That’s been free from the start and didn’t really hurt the company 🙂

  • Right, now it would be selling tool(s) to create content for FlashLite. Originally, it was by making some royality/revenue per installation/device.
    I think, its good move and FlashLite penetration would increase by this. There are enough designers/developers who can create content after a short learning curve.
    I hope, we see more application/content soon…

  • Mj Mendoza

    Yeah. I think it was a stupid move to let developers buy the player before when it was free on desktops.
    Those times, they just let J2ME launched way over FL. Mobile Game Developers still prefer J2ME over FL because of M3G. The only edge of FL is the fast prototyping with Flash IDE.

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    if once can use gmail in his/her mobile phone this will be a best uses of a mobile phone.. so nice information .

  • @the unknown –
    I guess, you can use Gmail client on Symbian devices or any device supporting Java apps…
    I use it quite often.

  • Smit

    i have one

  • ahmed

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