Orkut is banned in India or Maharastra?

I am not able to access orkut.com, it seems it has been banned in Maharastra (the state I stay) or entire India? A quick Google News search returned the link of this news where Maharastra chief-minister has asked Indian ISPs/Center to block orkut.

I can understand the government’s concern about different hate-communities on orkut but I am wondering, why can’t Indian government give a list (URLs) of such communities to ISPs so that selective ban can be done instead of entire orkut.com. Anyways, I am not a political person, neither I want to be. I respect government’s decision, I am sure this is done for good cause. I am also hopeful that orkut would work again either government would do selective filtering or make Google delete all such communities.

I just wanted to let everyone know that it might not be their systems problem, if they are not able to access orkut, rather this particular ban could be the reason.

  • Greg

    Ouch, if this ever happened in Brazil there would be riots. 🙂
    Any luck on getting a useful response from YouTube regarding their crossdomain changes?

  • Andy

    I stay in Vashi and am not being able to use Orkut any more..
    For me this site is very helpful to keep in touch with friends..
    i sure hope that the site is up and running soon..
    I also agree that hate communities or illegal communities should be banned on orkut..

  • Sounds like you will need to use Torpark to access Orkut :Sounds like you will need to use Torpark to access Orkut :<

  • apoorva

    i stay in vash n even my orkut is not workin from past 2 days but yesterday night it was working…i don know how.but one thing is there, there are other ppl who r able to access orkut staying in mumbai…in vashi.i don kno whts going on![plzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..doesssss neone know whts all this abt???????????

  • @apoorva,Andy – There are some ISP (SIFY etc) they are not allowing. I am really confused lately, is it really ban or some technical problem. I can access it from STPI connection but not from SIFY… Sometimes it works though, as you said.

  • Mrinal

    Still works in Bangalore.

  • Vivek

    TRY using a proxy server from http://www.publicproxyservers.com

  • Kushal Ghosh

    It Has Been Specifically Banned in Maharastra..
    Thanks To Mr. R.K Patil
    … well Govt decides such things n we dont..
    Hope they ll take off the ban..& Orkut manages to delete Hate communities.

  • Divya Bhatt

    Hey… I am living in the 21st century, and in a country I believe to be free and secular; and I expect to be given all the freedom and rights that the Indian youth deserve to get. And I will definitely NOT tolerate Orkut being banned in India. I have met so many of my old friends from school and college, and made some like-minded new friends too. So I definitely wouldn’t want Orkut to get banned because I use it in the way its MEANT to be used! Its a shameful thing, because, for a few people, they want to punish everyone else who have not done anything wrong and not misused it for anything. In which culture is this called ‘Justice’?

  • Hey Dear All Orkut lover,
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  • sunil

    hi all i want to know how many numbers of report abuses required to close the orkut communities and profile on orkut

  • yea proxy pages are the best. Check out http://bypassrestriction.com they cater to people overseas

  • Xen

    Orkut is ok.if its banned i dont give a damn. by the way i dont celebrate independence day or republic day and i am a atheist so i dont care a damn if any thing happens to India, Or people or any damn Place of worship is destroyed or if any website is banned.

  • The decision of the govt to ban orkut in Maharashtra are based on certain, which we most probably are unaware of. Nonetheless, Orkut, that has become a part of our daily lives shall be missed a lot by the lakhs of ppl using it in that state.
    My concern here is not very different from the millions of others residing in other states of the country. We wudnt want Orkut to be blocked at all. Irrespective of the controversial communities that are existent in the orkutosphere, it is a brilliant means to be in constant touch with some important ppl of ur lives. Plus, as we r gettin more n more dependent on the internet with every passin millisecond, we dont want to give up on this very enticing means of ENTERTAINING ourselves. We dont want to be deprived of the power to be able to satisfy one of our primal urges… to be able to convince ourselves that we hold some control over situations n ppl. The use of orkut strengthens this belief of ours.
    Dont take me wrong. I am in no way against the website. In fact, in plain simple words I am addicted to it. I cant actually imagine how life wud be without Orkut.
    Rather than banning/blocking orkut, a safer n more hygienic thing to do, wud be to block out ALL objectionale content from reaching the users. A tricky part of this action wud be to decide WHAT exactly is objectionable n what is not.
    Looking at the number of well-trained software professionals we have and the number of people working for the governance system, I think that forming a small committe to ACTUALLY look into the situation (in true Indian governance fashion) might very efficiently solve this problem.
    List down the URLs of all the objectionable content througout orkut, n block specifically those URLs. Not an impossible task.
    Hope these words r read by few who matter.
    Hoping Orkut remains…

  • User

    I want to know about the Orkut may be ban in India (State wise or Full) . Some ruomors has spread regarding this. If anybody know about this please let me know the reason

  • Thnx a lot Sunil,Mrinal n Divya for these Tunnel sites.
    i really wanted those…
    not for orkut but for somethin else.

  • vikas

    orkut is bann on my pc it show that ORKUT IS BANN YOU FOOLL MHAHAHAHA how can i resolve thist problem,
    thank you
    vikas verma

  • sayed noufal kvm

    i want block orkut
    in our college orkut and some other sites banned
    i hope u’r replay plz sent me tht tricks

  • Tanmoy Kar

    Because my wife very much saffy with orkut, so i dont get any time with, i want to benned orkut

  • khileshwar

    dear sir,
    my orkut site is banned so how to access my orkut site ……. plz rply

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