Some Adobe Flex/Flash related resources from India

I have compiled a list of sites, mailing-list and bloggers from India. Most of them blog about Flash, Flex, RIA Usability, Web 2.0 etc.



Above list is partial. If I have missed something, please feel free to leave the URL (of blog, site, mailing-lists etc) in the comment. I would update the list.

If you are Adobe Flex developer, you might want to register on International Registry of Flexcoders.

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  • Since you consider Indians out side India as well, May I be included in this list?

  • Ah! you have even listed Rama Satoskar’s Blog. She came in with no knowledge of Flash/Flex to our Oinam Team and she was one of those Promising Programmer we decided to groom into a good Flash/Flex Developer. I think she got busy with college. Should be worth getting back to her when the time is right.
    Will check out the other sites.

  • Abdul you have missed me in the list 🙁

  • @Durairaj – I knew, I missed many. Nevermind, Can you please give the URL of your blog?
    @Brajeshwar – Good to know you know her. Can you also give more links of India based flex/flash blogs..
    Do you have any info about Delhi’s based group, I gotta add Arpit’s blog also. I don’t see many posting on his blog lately.

  • @Arul Kumaran – Sorry, I missed you man. Your comment somehow landed in junk-comments section…

  • Great initiative Abdul — I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very skilled Indian Flash developers ver the last year so definitely think there’s a huge potential for a very lively and active community to develop.

  • Abdul please find the URL of my blog. But i have started it yesterday only. 🙁

  • @Abdul, Yes, Rama was one of our trainee for Flex. I think Arpit moved to London and is more into managing than just coding. I think he is busy. I’ll update you as I find other flash/flex blogs.

  • Hi Abdul,
    Thanks for adding my blog, though haven’t updated for a while, I am always looking to do it. I am still doing Flash coding, though not yet fully started with Flex 🙁
    Since I moved to the UK, the Delhi Flash user group is no longer functional.
    Anyway, love to read your blog, keep up the good work!

  • Thanks guys. I am working on setting up Flex India user group. Right now working on some details and plans…
    I would keep everyone updated. Pleas keep me in loop if you are willing to start a group or wanna meet to discuss things…
    Please feel free to contact me at [mail at abdulqabiz dot com]
    Thanks again..

  • Hi Abdul,
    Just started a blog on RIAs a few days back: Rags to Riches
    I’d appreciate if you could add me to your list.
    And hey … do keep me posted on the User Group .. i’d be keen to participate in any way that i can.
    Thank you,

  • @Mrinal – Welcome to blogging, you started with nice post…You are in list 🙂
    I would keep everyone updated on group related things…
    Because we all have to work together to make it successful.

  • Thank you Abdul … I’m glad you liked my post 🙂

  • hey this is great initiative, good to see so many Indian Flash/Flex developers on the list 🙂

  • @Owas – Thanks. Please let me know if I have missed someone.

  • Hi Abdul,
    I was exploring your JavaScript component (which is very cool by the way)… went to your homepage and I noticed I got bumped out of this list 🙁
    A very sad,

  • @Mrinal-
    > I noticed I got bumped out of this list 🙁
    It might have happened by mistake, sorry about that. I would fix it.

  • I’m sure it was a mistake …. Thanks for letting me back in 🙂

  • can add my name please

  • Hi Abdul,
    I have started writing a blog on my adventures with Flex.
    Can you add me to the list.
    The blog url is

  • Who is leader?

  • Nehal

    Hey Abdul
    Nice effort you are taking. Please keep me updated for this. 🙂

  • @Nehal: Thanks, surely keep you in loop.

  • Saurabh Mathur

    Actionscript 2.0. Graduating to Flex.

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  • Thank you for the done work!
    It’s an indeed good list.
    He will be useful for many people.

  • momo

    ji was really nice going through ur blog…
    can i have the honour of learning flash from u….
    im doing ma final project n badly stuck…there’s no one to guide me…..plz….guide me..:(
    i’ll be waiting fa ur reply….there’s no one who knows about databse connectivity with flash…plz help me out…we rea 3 girls doing final project..:(
    no teacher knows they all left on us…m tired of serachng on net..
    we have made intos,interface but what to do with connectivityt??:(

  • rajesh5575

    Marty Hall, the author of The best of India’s Java and RIA programmers have learnt the subject from Marty’s seminal books Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (first and second editions), More Servlets and JavaServer Pages, and Core Web Programming (first and second editions) from Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems Press. Now is the opportunity to meet him and learn from him first-hand. From 26-28 April in Bangalore, India, attend a practical, hands-on training on Ajax and RIAs personally developed and taught by leading Java EE and Ajax developer, speaker, and author Marty Hall. For more info:

  • Nouman Naveed

    Looks like the International Registry is down. Can you fix it by any chance?