Adobe Online Store – Nothing changed

Last year, I talked about my experience with Adobe (Macromedia) online store. Today, I had similar experience while attempting to purchase Adobe FlexBuilder2 for following reasons:-

  • India still doesn’t exist among APAC stores list
  • FlexBuilder2 is not available in International store, I need to contact some reseller? (View screen-shot
  • I can’t change my address to have India as my country

Well I have dropped the idea of buying FlexBuilder2 after this. Anyway, I am happy with Flex2SDK and VIM.
I am just wondering, why haven’t things changed in last 10-11 months? I was assured by folks that things would get better. I hope, it does. It’s really sad to see how Adobe is ignoring a country like India.

  • I’ve put a little note in my datebook to try to get face-to-face with the web team today to try to convince someone to write up a publicly-citable webpaper on the transaction mechanisms in India.
    Have you tried contacting Adobe in Noida or Bangalore yet? They would already know this info better than we in the weblog world would, and might give faster results.

  • @JD – I have not contacted anyone in Nodia/Bangalore, I really don’t know whom I should I contact to. You are the only person from web-team, I know, who is kindda public face ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am sure that web-team in India really don’t read blogs or MXNA…
    And I am also not sure how much team India has control over these things, most of things are driven by management sitting in US and their interest in India. But there is no doubt folks in Adobe India don’t much care about users rather they focus on building softwares….
    These are my feelings and thoughts, looking forward someone can really explain why do I need to purchase a software from a specific stores (APAC etc). I buy lots of books from, and it works perfectly. I am sure, I can start buying Adobe softwares from Amazon, it’s just support things that is my concern.

  • Well, The Adobe store is quite user unfriendly. You cannot search easily.
    No one listens to you at the Adobe call centre and the worst, is something is actually wrong, call centre executives admit its not working and all they can do is raise with 3rd level engineers and you don’t hear from them after that. My experience is hopeless too, though I am in the UK.
    Its pathetic really ๐Ÿ™

  • I have a similar case. I want to buy Flex Builder 2 for Mac. Since I’m in Estonia, none of the other European Union country online stores (like UK, Lux, Finland) are allowed to sell it to me for some reason. The store tells me to use local reseller. But local reseller said they don’t carry Flex Builder 2 for Mac (they do the Windows version) and won’t be able to get it for me.
    So I’m in a situation where I have to have another branch of our company (thankfully I’m in a bigger company that has offices/entities in multiple countries) buy it from UK store.
    But it’s still crazy that I can’t even buy an electronic version of the software if I’m not in one of the “official” countries.

  • I spoke with folks on the Adobe web team today, and they confirmed that staff in India would be the most immediate resource on details about the online Adobe Store in India. (The SF web team makes the website, but doesn’t decide which countries do which transactions.)
    I’m trying to get face-to-face with the San Francisco lead on the Adobe Store to see if I can get additional context, but here are listings for the Adobe offices in India, who would have the most direct information on local website questions:
    Because we have multiple people talking about Flex Builder now, I’ll also chase down Matt Chotin, who might have direct info on regional differences in purchasing.

  • Hozefa

    Hi I did a search for Adobe Flex and found link to ur blog. I want to learn Adobe Flex and can u be like my mentor or is it fine if i approach you incase of any doubts? I know that the comment does not fit the message but i did not get any link like “Contact me” or may be i missed it.
    I m working in service industry as software programmer. Right now working in C++, ASP and .Net but i personally feel that in IT services there is not much scope to sharpen the skills rather doing coding (with not much passion to create) and debugging (which is actually challenging).
    Do forgive me if my approach is wrong but please reply. I want to master Flex and develop some extra ordinary apps .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Hozefa – Good to see you are interested in Adobe Flex. I must tell you it also requires coding, debugging etc. But it’s more fun..
    You can probably get started with this:-
    1) Download FlexBuilder2 Trial
    2) Start reading the Getting Started secion to understand what is Adobe Flash Player, What is Flex etc?
    3) Bookmark the links to forums, mailing-list archives. So you can search, if you get stuck somewhere. If you don’t find answer in archives, you can ask there.
    Check out for links to docs, installers, forums, mailing lists.
    If you wanna get connected to Indian developers who are doing Flex/Flash stuff, you can check out the links here:
    Importantly, start reading (flex section)…
    You can always email me but I expect you first try yourself and if it’s not working, shoot an email to me at [mail at abdulqabiz dot com]. I would try to get back to you asap, but I might not reply for sometime because I get busy in work quite often ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope this helps..

  • I did get some face-time with the San Francisco lead on the Adobe Store, and she confirms that the regional tax situation changed, particularly in India, when the Macromedia Store dissolved and became part of the Adobe financial structure… we were legally prevented from doing exactly what had been done before, from what I understand. But I couldn’t begin to explain the details on the global taxing & regulatory constraints.
    Have you contacted actual Adobe folks inside India yet, whether regional Customer Support or even a local reseller? They would be closer to the situation and would have more direct information than my own indirect attempts to describe the situation accurately.

  • @JD – Thanks a lot for following this and getting this information.
    I am going to contact folks in India or near by…And post my findings here for better understanding of the issue.
    Can you please email me [mail at abdulqabiz dot com] your IM id, if you have one?
    Thanks again….

  • athir

    I’ve tried calling the Adobe offices but they were not able to help me find a way to order Adobe software in India. I found a reseller but they say that any order takes 3-4 weeks to fulfill. Is this possible? Is there no inventory of product in India? Does anyone know a decent reseller who can get product in a week or less?

  • Hi, I live in India and am currently looking to buy “Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium”, a google search bought me to your blog. How do I find out about/contact resellers in India? Did you have any luck in making your purchase, if yes how did you buy it?

  • @Surendra: You can find some details at
    Getting CS3 in India would not be tough, since they had some launch event..

  • Abhishek

    If u want CS3 Design Premium , contact me at 09871956380

  • niranjan

    Is there an adobe reseller in bangalore ?

  • Hi,
    We are the resellers for Adobe Softwares and Adobe Plugin’s in India. You can reach us @
    We will try to get you the products delivery and other related queries.
    AISPL-Sales Team

  • JK

    Getting things out of Indian resellers is a night mare. They think we are idiots to actually want to buy originals when the counterfeits are available for one 10th the price.
    One of them even asked me if I am serious about buying original, and one asked me if I wanted a fake.
    There you go thats all you will get if you are in India.
    Dont be honest when no one is.