Twitter and FlashLite

I started working on a FlashLite 2.x application to update Twitter status from phone. I have unlimited data-plan, so I can save money by not sending sms messages.

The application just updates the status message but I am thinking to add support for other Twitter APIs. There are bugs in application (not saving credentials in SharedObject, bad graphics, bad user-interaction (UI, soft-key-mapping). I would post the code later after fixing/cleaning.

Meanwhile, if you are interested you can try running this on your FlashLite 2.x enabled device.

BTW! I have Nokia N90 so I made it for it’s screen-size..

Download ZIP 
Download SWF

  • Hah! This is awesome Abdul, thanks!

  • cool 🙂

  • Ciao
    really cool idea!
    Are you submitting the app for the contest?

  • @Ryan – Yeah it’s fun…Just created in half an hour :).. Working on more things now.. Adobe FlashLite rocks..
    > really cool idea!
    > Are you submitting the app for the contest?
    If I am able to make it better, I would submit it..

  • Twitter would be interested to link to your download page 🙂

  • Guys, I just updated the app…

  • This looks like an interesting thing to play around with… too bad for me, I haven’t got a mobile with Flash player to test it 🙁
    You seem to have done lots of ‘testing’ from your Flashlite app in the last 20 hours 😉

  • Yeah, lots of test messages bombed my phone. Am one of your followers!

  • @fadereu – sorry about that… I would take care of it. I know, it’s very irritating to recieve useless messages…

  • Hey Abdul, Is your twitter working today?
    It seems to be not working today.
    Also which app do you use for Gtalk on your N90?

  • @Anil – Twitter is kindda slow, sometimes it doesn’t respond. I have Gmail client for N90, I used to use AgileMessanger for IMs but it was trial version..
    I am sure, it would not be hard to write a J2ME client using XMPP/Jabber for GTalk…There must be one already..

  • Hi Abdul!
    Excellent concept!! For some reason though I can’t get it to work correctly on my device. I have it installed and it just sits there loading. Could this be a twitter issue and not the app itself?

  • @Darla: Thanks, it’s great to see your comment on my blog 🙂
    > For some reason though I can’t get it to work
    > correctly on my device. I have it installed and it
    > just sits there loading. Could this be a twitter
    > issue and not the app itself?
    When you start it, enter your login credentials and login.. Does it ask you to select Access Point?
    Do you see the other screen to enter message and update twitter status?
    I am going to look at today and would fix any issues and probably make it better.

  • @Darla: I just tested it on my device (Nokia N90 with FlashLite 2.1), it’s working fine.
    I would let you know, if I find out anything. Please suggest any changes, features or UI related thing. I would really love to add to the app…

  • Hey Abdul,
    Everything is working fine now!! I think one of my other apps was causing it to just sit there at loading.
    This is definately a better way to save on the SMS charges.

  • Oh, by the way… you have to name the app!! Can it be made bigger for 240 x 320 screens?

  • @Darla: Cool, it’s nice to see it’s working for ya. As far as layout of application is concerned, I am going to work on that.
    I am planning to do following:-
    1) Use right font-face and size.
    2) Liquid Layout, which would make it fit in any size (with minimum-preferred size though).
    What should be the name of app? Any suggestion?
    Thanks for feedback.

  • Jerry

    Hello, sorry but iI can´t get the SWF-file running.
    I’ve installed the flash-program from Adobe but when trying to run your appl. I get the message “Could not open the file. It is corrupted.
    I use a Nokia N93.

  • @Jerry: Do you have FlashLite 2.1 installed on your device? I think, SWF should atleast open if not working completely, though there is no reason for not working..
    Please check the FlashLite version on your device? I don’t have access to S60V3 phone i.e. Nokia N93 or alike.. But I would ask a friend of mine to test it..
    Thanks for your feedback…

  • Abdul, a very quick question. Does this application work on iMATE jam also?

  • @Kapil: If iMate has FlashLite 2.1 installed or you can install it, this app should work.

  • We have added your app to our Twitter Forge list of twitter apps. Also, if anyone is interested in discussing twitter, we have set up a new community and forum for you. Stop by!

  • Thanks for adding it to Twitter Forge and creating forum. I would post a message whenever I update this app.

  • Hope you will add a feature that allows to send for a specific friend and also make a Flash Lite 1.1 version

  • hi,
    i just have installed flash lite 2.1 on my ipaq (windows mobile OS obviously) buy i dont have a way to enter data like my email and password my ipaq doesnt have any qwerty keyboard or something like that. i hope to see some “virtual keyboard” support in the next version 😀

  • @l_h2o_l: Does all applications for IPAQ provide virtual keyboard? I would see what I can do..I need to find sometime to release the next version with some more features…

  • Nevermind!, your software works nice!. The problem was … me ¬¬ . The flashlite has an option to show the virtual keyboard of the ipaq but i didn’t saw that. sorry 😛

  • IPAQ provide virtual keyboard?

  • Prakash for those interested in free group SMS for India

  • I’m doing an article on mobile twitter clients – could you send me a few screenshots of your app? I can’t install it as my device isn’t flashlite compatible. Thanks!

  • If this is a double-comment I apologize in advance. I think the Internet ate my last try, but I might be wrong.
    Could you send me some screenshots of your Twitter app? I’m doing an article on mobile twitter clients, and can’t install yours on my device (not flashlite compatible). Thanks!

  • gaurav

    hey abdul.. great app.. btw could you tell me if one is charged for receiving updates from twitter?

  • Sandy

    Could you PL share the Sample code (end to end flow) for one of the Twitter API’s.
    This will help us in Rapid app development.

    Just to give some back ground, We are also trying to implement Flash Lite 3.0 based twitter & Flickr apps . We tried in google. We could not get how the request object formation for the twitter API (search API) and the authentication details


    • I wrote my code long time back, perhaps when twitter was started. I couldn’t make my code work with FlashLite 3.0, hence didn’t update.

      A lot of things have changed in Twitter API since then, not sure it would still work. However, I would love to help you with any specific questions.

      I would try to find the code and see if it can be shared, if it is in good shape. POC code is generally not readable by many 🙂

  • cyril

    does it support LG GW300? or samsung corbytxt b3210?

  • Thanks for the app!