Update for Indian Adobe Flex Community

There are many things (discussion, some meeting etc) going on, to set-up Indian Flex/Apollo community.

I am talking to some developers in Pune to setup a Flex usergroup in Pune. There is a meeting with John Koch[1] and some flex developers, this weekend, in Bangalore. Please check out the discussion going on flex_india list for details. If you want to join, please let me know at [mail at abdulqabiz dot com].

We might be setting up a conference-call (or Adobe Connect session) for a general discussion with all flex developers from india. I would send out the details on flex_india mailing list and post the details here too.

Please join flex_india group, if you have not yet. That’s the main mailing list for any announcement and discussions.

[1] Adobe Developer Relation Manager of Asia


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  • Hi Abdul,
    Nice to hear that B’lore event with John Koch was a great success.I am sure you have noticed the spark in other flex developers eyes to unit and colloborate with each other.I think India is a very important IT destination for rest of the world.In my current organisation lots of java guys are picking up flex and day by day the numbers of flex developers are increasing.In this scenario I am sure the presence of a strong community will be much appreciated by the fellow developers.
    Thanks for the update Abdul!

  • Deb, Are you in Pune? Dude we need to get started on Pune Flex meetings.
    I am talking to some folks in Pune, who applied for Pune usergroup. We can work together to start meeting and talking. We can think of getting official status later.
    I am traveling, I would not be around for next one month. But I am available on email/IM as usual..

  • Hello,

    Granite Data Services 0.3.0 is released.

    Granite Data Services is a free, open source (LGPL’d), alternative to Adobe® Flex™ 2 Data Services for J2EE application servers with EJB3/Spring/Pojo services support.

    Free download is available on Sourceforge.

    This new 0.3.0 release (following a 0.3.0_RC1) brings security service support, improved transparent externalization performance, detailed logging facilities, revamped and extended ActionScript3 code generation tool, as well as many bug fixes. It should be stable enough for non critical production use.

    Detailed release notes and documentation are available on http://www.graniteds.org.

    Franck Wolff.

    PS: I’m not sure this the best place to buzz about GDS (hope you don’t mind, tell me if you do).

  • mohan

    Hi abdul,my name is mohan,i am new to flex can u give advice to me
    thank u

  • indu

    i am using remoteservice for communicating flex and backend.Can you suggest good testing tool