Gmail: usability/accessibility issue

Gmail uses mouse-down event instead of click (mouse-button-release) at many places (Compose Mail, Inbox, Chats etc) in it’s frontend. 

I face following problems because of their wrong choice of event (mouse-down instead of click):

  • I can’t select text while in list view. For example, if I want to select the sender’s name or subject, instead it opens the mail thread.


  • If mouse-button is pressed by mistake on any of links (Compose Mail, Inbox etc), associated action takes place and I am forced to click on browser’s back button (or equivalent) to get back to previous state (screen/view). I don’t get a chance to change my mind by releasing mouse-button outside of link area.


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  • David Urech

    > Using “shortcuts” most of the time, like “u” in Gmail to go back and “n” and “p” for next, previous and o (open) in Greader.

    > The onMouse Event in Greader doesn’t allow to select the title (source link) and it forces you to visit the blog, however this closes the revenue stream most bloggers are relying on, which is not a bad sign.

    Thanks for your investigation in design constraints, this makes me thinking of my daily routine.