ActionScript 3 HTTPClient Google Project

I have created a Google Project called as3httpclient. The project would host different actionscript-3 classes to extend Adobe Flash Player’s capabilities for HTTP/HTTPS related stuff.

I have committed the HTTPURLLoader class . If you are doing something similar or have done any changes to HTTPURLLoader, it would be great if you can merge changes or add new classes related to HTTP/HTTPS.

All the classes in as3httpclient would be licensed under New BSD License.

  • Cool work Abdul. But i have some doubts related to the exception handling in socket connection. I dont know whether I am right? Usually there may be cases when the connection to the socket is made with in a second there may be chances of dropping in connection but there is no reconnection to it.Could you clarify me regarding this?

  • @Durairaj: I didn’t get your question but I think you can probably handle connection events and various exceptions thrown. That way you can reconnect or troubleshoot (if its firewall issue etc).

  • sivakumar

    Dear sir i am shiva form bangalore i m working for kesdee e-learing company. Now my task was i wat to develop flash based scorm. sir i m not that much expert in flsh programming. sir if u have any exampls fla file. it wil use full for me.