Opensource Flex

This is old news by now but I couldn’t stop myself writing about it. I am so happy and excited after this announcement. I told to couple of friends, who are total FOSS guys, in my office and I could see a positive smile on their faces.
I can imagine a brighter future of Flex and Flash Platform. I can imagine the kind of tools we would see once Flex/AS compiler code is out.
After MAX 2005, I (and some other folks) had some feeling (intuition) that Adobe might release the flex-framework under open-source license but I had not thought about tools/compilers.
Well done Adobe, keep it up.

  • What really needs to happen (and eventually will) is a free (or cheaper) Eclipse plugin alternative to Flex Builder 2. It should be possible to create and perhaps would be a great project idea for the Indian Flex Developer community…

  • just a question out of curiosity
    ( you can call me lazy not to research )
    using java fx ( )
    can we create RIA .. have same functionality like applications made by flash ??
    i mean in flash i cr8 appl & add script .. then i complie & load it on web page using a html tag
    so similar can be done with java fx ??