RSS or Atom – Which one you prefer?

I am trying to learn everything about syndication and I learn something new everyday. I have been working on a syndication-framework (features: create, aggregate, publish, merge, cache etc) for last four-five months.
I mostly spent time understanding RSS (and various modules/extension) and a few things about Atom. I prefer (subscribing/publishing) RSS 2.0 because it’s simple and I like it.
What do you prefer RSS or Atom? And why?
It would be great to know everyone’s perspective. Thanks.

  • I am working on a an application that required me to look at them both and I ended up using atom to feed content to the app (and other spinoff projects). Reason is that the spec is more structured. My app needed to distinguish between different content types (html, video, sound etc) and the atom spec has accommodations for this. The more structured atom feed sits better in my mind as it gave me flexibility to choose different ways to consume it with out me having to “hack” it for different mediums. Also even “hacking” the atom feed is more structured in that it uses namespaces so naming conflicts are taken care of.

  • @Akeem:
    Which version of Atom you are using?
    Did you look at media-rss module for RSS 2.0? RSS 2.0 supports many more modules?

  • I don’t know the nuts and bolts of RSS and Atom standards but I’ve always preferred RSS cause my Feeds reader used to have problem reading Atom feeds. With time, naturally I developed a liking for RSS.
    No technical reason here.

  • for the mentioned scenrio of having the need for dissecting different media types with meta in addition to traditional contents i would prefer Media RSS