Mogulus – Live Broadcast

Do you want to create LIVE TV stations online? Check out Mogulus, it’s your online studio where you can create, program and broadcast your 24/7 television station.

Mogulus is out of stealth-mode but still in closed-beta, you would need to apply for beta-account. But it’s worth watching their introductory video tour, very creative.

BTW! Mogulus user-interface looks great and entire application (front-end) is made in Adobe Flex 2.0.

This year is going to be interesting, lots of video-content, tools to create content and hardware (Apple TV) to serve it to TV.

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  • quite an idea i must say
    … next level of blogging ..
    as the popular saying goes
    ‘a picture is worth thousand words’
    logically extending it ..
    ‘a movie is worth hundreds of thousands of words’

  • Hi everyone;
    We are starting first Mogulus Channel Portal on GoMedia.Tv. It’s completly free and if you have any Mogulus channel please send us Mogulus URL with little information about yours and your channel. We are immediately create your own GoMedia Channel.
    Gokcen Karan
    [email protected]