Sleepless nights

I have not been able to sleep properly for some months. It’s not because of work pressure, rather my mind is always thinking around related things. I try to think about something else but unable to do that.
All thoughts are around Mixercast (problems, features etc), new ideas, technology and some real problems to be solved. I am feeling a pressure to do more and more even when I know, I can only do limited number of things per day, no matter how hard I try? I also get this feeling of not being able to execute all ideas.
This is causing problem in my social circle, I don’t talk much or I keep thinking while talking to a friend/colleague, I am sure other folks must be feeling ignored by this behaviour of mine. My mind is so much involved in those things that I have been ignoring other things (having food, payment due dates, reading favourite blogs, participating in lists/groups etc) which I never did in past.
How to control this?

  • Pandu

    Hi Abdul,
    I can understand your situation, as I been to that in the past. It may sound little bit silly(?), but the way I could overcome this is, practicing some breathing exercises(Yoga-Pranayama). Which helps our concentration power and relax the mind. Also if u can have a glass of warm milk when going to bed, that gives good sleep too. Give a try. Good luck Dosth! πŸ™‚

  • yoga buddy
    i am also handling some pressure right now .. work related … my mind is working more than i am right now … i leave office at 6- 7 and go back home … b4 dinner do yoga for 15 min .. plan to increase to 30 min with time ..
    lets see

  • Hey dude, looks like u’re running into uncontrollable obsession of pushing yourself beyond the edge :-).
    I think this could happen to different people in different ways… people have obsessions of watching too many movies, reading every book they can get their hands on, shopping till they drop etc etc because of which they could face different problems like not finding time for family/friends, running out of money and so on.
    I think you could try developing some habits like reading, watching TV, going for a walk, going out with friends for a drink etc. At one point doing these kinda small things on a regular basis did help me from having a nervous breakdown πŸ˜€ The whole idea is to deviate your mind by doing something else, something which will keep you from thinking about the things you think of now. I hope you can get out of this soon..
    All the best!
    On a second thought (if you don’t already) go find yourself couple of GFs and keep yourself busy… πŸ˜‰

  • Take a break! Go on a vacation for a week or so… Do something you really enjoy, I know you enjoy coding as well, but this has to be something that involves nothing from your daily routine i.e no coding.
    Its hard to ignore all deadlines and just leave, but trust me when you come back things will churn out a lot faster than they currently are.

  • Anon

    Chill out. Hang out with friends, see a movie with someone you enjoy being with and have a candlelight dinner date with a girl you have been eying for sometime.

  • Thanks guys, I would try to do all these…

  • Erik

    Be very carefull with what you are experiencing. If you are on the road towards what i think you are, then the only solution is sleep.
    Make sure you sleep alot, it allows your mind to process stuff so it doesnt need to be processed during the daytime.
    Good luck

  • Because you’re mind is so entrenched in short-term events, like whatever it is your mind has wondered to, you will forget mid-term and long-term goals.
    If you can take a second to think long-term…BIG PICTURE… you will need to embrace some cold hard facts….
    #1 – There is a finite amount of time in an hour, day, or week.
    #2 – The rate of incoming ideas exceeds the amount of time you can execute them.
    After you get over these two, it becomes an art of engineering comprimises instead of engineering ideas. There are some ideas that are doomed not to come to fruition simply because there isn’t enough time.
    It’s not about doing the best you can ‘potentially’ do. It’s about doing the best you can do in the fixed given time.
    Stop fooling yourself.

  • @Erik: I have started sleeping more and relaxing, Thanks πŸ™‚
    @Mark: Thanks for your comment, I am really thinking on it and it makes sense…

  • Bill Lee

    Avoid coffee.
    Drink lots of fresh water.
    Your body chemistry changes when you smile.
    (Do you want a link?)
    Laugh whenever you can.
    (I used to laugh while driving to work and on returning).
    Ultimately, its funny that you are obsessing about work. Though I think its reasonable to take work seriously, what does it matter in the largest scheme of things. You are one of the more productive people I have met. Also funny, your stress will lead to less productivity.

  • You must use the power of the darkside Abdul. I can feel your frustration, it gives you focus, makes you stronger…
    Sometimes when I feel stressed out I’ll electrocute a lowly peon soldier of The Empire, or feed a capture Rebel to a panna monster.