Revision3 is not good at feed offering – could be better with Media RSS

Revision3, a great site for videos on various topics (Diggnation is one of those), offers different RSS 2.0 feed links for different video-formats? Is that good?


AFAIK, Media RSS specification allows you to group all (seen in above picture even Bittorrent feeds) that in one feed and RSS feed readers can show/download the content they are capable of playing/rendering?

Update: I have sent couple of emails to Revision3, requesting them to implement Media RSS for feeds. I have not heard from them, so I posted here on my blog 🙂

  • That’s one reason I like feedburner so much. You can be assured that they would extend support to mobile feeds, or any other new gadget that comes into the market. BTW… their biz model is also really simple and sweet… there were a few more competitors when they launched, but they are not to be heard of anymore.
    Yes, these guys should totally offer mrss format feeds…