Good time

I have been relaxing for last two weeks, as suggested/recommended in comments on my previous entry. I watched most of the good movies released in last two weeks, had food at different places, watched more movies on DVD, finished some unfinished books, started reading more books, spent time cleaning my apartment, playing with Apple TV and last, but not least, attended BlogcampPune – came up idea for upcoming BarcampPune.
Now time to get back to work, it’s calling me 🙂

  • I bet you have enjoyed your vacation and rejuvenated to take even more challenges life has to offer.:)

  • @Debabrata: Yeah man, I met this ex-colleague, he said “were you in hibernate mode? You seem to be very fresh and your face says all”… Heh, LOL I don’t know how he figured out, I have been chilling out lately…

  • Tarun Chandel

    Hey Abdul
    I hope you had a good time at the Blogcamp Pune. Saw you pics on Flickr, nice work dude! I liked your blog and will be keeping a tab on it in future.
    Thanks for coming to Blogcamp Pune.

  • @Tarun: It was nice meeting you and thanks for organizing it. Never mind my comments on sessions, I think we would have better one next time. So keep it up…