• Congrats ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 50% of country’s population ( over a billion ) is under the age of 25 … and 60% of it is net savvy … expected that too happen !!
    But the whole question is … who has the authority of making the decision that new seven wonders of world is needed … ?? and the entries ??

  • I have nothing to say about this particular post… Its just that I couldnt QUICKLY find a ‘contact’ page so i m writing to u.
    I ve been seeing ur stuff for quite some time due to Brajeshwar, n i just wanted to tell u that “habuhd iasasahsdal adjado aidj”….
    it does make some sense in some unheard of language. Good Luck!

  • Alex

    Yeah, Yeah, Greece should of won but its to cool!

  • @lavnish: I agree, i guess it ended up number-game. Though, I strongly believe Taj Mahal should be there among seven-wonders…Mobile companies made enough money in the name of country’s pride, by making everyone sentimental and patriotic enough to send SMS messages ๐Ÿ™‚
    @Walmk: I don’t know what that means, hope nothing bad ๐Ÿ™‚
    @Alex: I have not seen the Greece one but I am sure, it must be good…I hope, it would make it.. Remember newsevenwonders are just opinion of some folks (actually lots of people)..

  • I doubt it because they have not announced it anywhere as TAJ is at first.They have announced only the list of top 7 wonders.

  • Sanjay Bhagat


  • Suneel kumar

    Taj is the heart of the world.

  • is it there in before list of seven wonders

    waste web page

  • And Taj Mahal beautifies the landscape of Agra
    For more info on Agra, you can visit
    an exhaustive guide on Agra city

  • JOsh

    I have recently visited the Taj Mahal and what an amazing place this is. So much hard work went in to this. Seeing it in person is totally different to a pic. You clearly get to see the finner detail in the piece of art created.
    A must c place….
    Josh – Auckland, NZ

    • I am glad that you liked Taj Mahal and enjoyed your trip. I am sure, NZ is very beautiful too, I might be traveling NZ sometimes in this year or next.