Apple Leopard (Mac OSX 10.5) for Indian users

If you are in India and own a Apple box, you must be wondering, how to upgrade to Apple Leopard? I figured out that, we are required to print an order-form(PDF), fill it and send (fax or postal-email) to Apple Singapore, address/fax-number is mentioned in form-document.

That’s some work? Why can’t we buy stuff from Apple/Adobe sites? Why Indian users are treated like this? I have raised this question in past, would be raising again in future.

Anyway, you can check out Apple Asia web-site to find out about Apple Leopard and download this order-form(PDF).

Update: I just noticed that form is for users/customers who purchase a qualifying computer between 1 October 2007 and 29 December 2007.

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  • Reliance is opening iStore to sell apple products. thats great news fro apple fans. I inquired apple store, they said leopard will be available after one month of its release.

  • The market in India isn’t big enough, it’s as simple as that.

  • @Manish: Dude, things have changed a lot. There has been huge market for Adobe, but they like to work traditional (reseller) way.. Apple always had its share, now they are taking over market (laptop), in last one year things have changed a lot, Apple should have online store for India because they don’t have enough stores. They are limiting their chances of being more acceptable brands.
    Thanks to Reliance and Apple deal, I am sure now people in small cities would be able to buy Apple computers/software… Which is not as expensive as it used to be…

  • I’ve been using Leopard from the first week it came out. It’s very cool.
    I didn’t buy it. I’m using a hacked version. As long as I can get a software for free I wouldn’t buy it. Sorry.

    • Gandhi nishil

      hey dude sorry to say you but for making softwares and other os they had worked hard so i want to say only a thing that please stop piracy because its not a good thing for computer developers!~!!!

  • @Prakaz: That’s your wish, I can’t comment on it… Why are you call free here is known has piracy… Lots of people work hard to make software and their salaries depend on it’s sales.. If you really want free (as in freedom or price), there are plenty of open-source softwares around.. Use Linux as OS…
    Sorry, don’t mean to preach but I guess, I prefer to buy whatever I can (and find necessary).. Most of time, I buy software which are not very expensive or use open-source software. BTW! MacOSX it’s just 6K (INR) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Abdul,
    You have a very valid point there and thanks for correcting me regarding the “freedom of price”.
    But the way I grew up with computers, I’ve never bought any software – never! Really, how many individual in developing countries like Nepal & India buy softwares? Ironically, I just thought about it and realized that you are the only person I know who buys softwares and chooses to use open-source stuffs. Again, you are doing the right thing and probably everyone else should start buying softwares. But how many of them would use open office when they can get MS Office without paying for it?
    Sorry again dude, I know I am wrong here and should not be making any justifications. Now that I can afford it, I do have stared thinking of buying some softwares. But majority of individuals just use pirated stuffs and it’s no secret.
    Would a teacher in India accept it if a student said, “Sorry teacher, I couldn’t finish this project cause I will need some more days to find an open source software which will let me do the thing you asked me to do”. In this scenario will the teacher say – “Of course, that’s the right thing to do. Come back when you are done”. or will the teacher say – “Today is the project submission date. Everyone else has used Flash and completed the project. Why couldn’t you just copy Flash from your friend and complete the project?”.
    What would the teacher really say?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyways dude, let’s hope that people will soon realize installing and using a software without paying is “stealing” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hats off to you for your commitment.

  • @Prakaz: I am glad to hear that you understand what I meant there. When we are earning (making money), why not buy? If we can’t afford, why not promote open-source? I would love to see free software around so that no one has to buy it ๐Ÿ™‚
    As far as teacher-student thing is concerned, it’s unfortunate that schools are making students use proprietary software.. I would love to see schools promoting FOSS culture but MS pays hell lot of money to some boards (here in India) to include MS-specific courses (VB etc) in schools…
    I, rarely, use any office software, but believe me there is nothing I can’t do, with ease, in Open-Office or NeoOffice… Those are cool and that’s why I don’t have MS Office.. I would love to donate to OpenOffice project so that they make good stuff…
    I don’t use Flash IDE, I use VIM + FlexSDK (or MTASC)… My employer has license which I have to use for legacy projects…
    Bottom line is: If you think you make money out of any project, why not buy or donate (if its FOSS)?

  • Parag

    Sorry if I sound like preaching. But, the simplest solution is to avoid Apple or any of those proprietary software vendors (including MS) and turn to the world of Free Software. I am an extremely happy Linux user (Kubuntu) and although I have been using Mac OS (at work) but frankly, I don’t see any point in giving huge amount of money to a company that took open source BSD code and put cosmetic wrapper around it.
    GNU/Linux is unbeatable!! And you will never have to fax anything to Singapore!

  • Hi Abdul how are you doing?
    The one thing that I have noticed recently is that Apple has been promoting it’s product a lot through Newpaper and Banners and now Reliance is coming up with iStores, though it’s good but I somehow don’t like it … it takes away that cult feeling of being a Apple or Mac user. There is a that feeling of “wow you are a Mac user” now it will be oh you must have seen that ad and bought it ๐Ÿ™

  • I’m not going to get into the debate, I personally prefer to buy software … I’ll spare you the details of why.
    Why I returned to this post today was because I thought I’d let you know that Leopoard is now available in Bangalore at the Apple store in Forum

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  • Gandhi nishil

    hey i got it from the website of apple for free…
    and now sdk for i-pad is also available too…
    and get spot sdk for i-phone 3gs is also for free now on,…
    so its really great…
    what you say about it???
    and i am also a software engg.. and i know how it hurts when some one sell ur software with pirated version…
    so i think its necessary to stop piracy…

    • Gandhi nishil

      hey mr quazi ….
      can u say me in which os you are working??
      and any comp that work with mac os and objective c???