Adobe Media Player – my thoughts

I started looking at the latest version of Adobe Media Player(AMP) available on Adobe Labs. I notice lots of improvements, be it user-interface or performance or content-coverage, that is, more feeds/videos are available to watch.

Lots of audio/video podcasts can be played in Adobe Flash runtime. I wrote some code to check if videos from Podtech, Diggnation etc, and it works without doing anything extra. All credit goes to new video/audio capabilities (H.264 and AAC) in Adobe Flash runtime (player/air).

The only thing I miss in AMP is to be able to add custom rss-feeds, for example, AMP doesn’t show Podtech and Diggnation videos for some reason, if I can add those feeds to AMP that would be great.

Over all, AMP is good piece of work.

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  • You can add feeds, go to favorites and select add rss feeds at the bottom …. I love AMP its great.

  • Brian Riggs

    Actually, you can add custom RSS feeds: go to My Favorites and you’ll see the “Add RSS Feed” button at the bottom. I just tried one of the DiggNation feeds ( and it worked fine.

    Brian Riggs – Adobe

  • @Mrinal, Brian: Thanks, I didn’t notice, my bad..