Yahoo! Avatar Towns

As you know, I am working for Yahoo! for last couple of months. I would be working on Yahoo! Avatars.

I felt like posting about Yahoo! Avatar Towns, which my team has been working for sometime, I am yet to contribute to towns but hope to do very soon.

Yahoo Avatar Towns

Take a look at it and please post your suggestions/feedback on suggestion-board, if any.

You can also send any feedback about towns or avatars in general, by commenting in this post or sending an email to [email protected]

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  • Hey this is great stuff you r working on… 🙂
    This looks cool..

  • @Suketu: This all stuff has been done by the team before I joined. We have some exceptional guys in team who has been doing these cool stuff… I hope, I would learn something and be doing cool stuff..

  • nice stuff … as a first time user i thought … most of it already existed … its just that its all now presented in a fancy manner in a town way …. probably if one could add bit of animation to the avtaar or background .. that may be a good change !

  • jarmin


  • vinay

    Its really cool stuff.just like shopping in real

  • brooke

    how do play with ur avatar

  • @brooke: Click on the stores and check the items in there.. Avatar Town has limited feature now, hopefully in future things would get better….
    Please go through the help of avatar town to learn more…

  • I think you guys sood make it like zwinky were your avatar can chat with other avatar/people and shop to iss fun ………………………………………if u have any gu’s e-mail me [email protected] [email protected] thank you………….by….by

  • jordan

    what ‘up my peeps?

  • Hello,
    My name is morgan. i love the avatar town! But I cant remember how to get on it. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET BACK ON THE AVATAR WORLDS!

  • dark angel

    this place rocks but is this thee only town you have, i would like to do other towns too please let me know if there is another town

  • lieona

    i love da avatar towns could u plz show me how 2 get on it

  • Spencer

    I like the new Avatar Towns but I’m just wondering something. I’m on the old Yahoo Mail version and is there anyway to get your Yahoo avatar back for your mail?. I really want it back but I can’t get back can you please help me.

  • karinna

    why cant u move around it would be a whole lot better if you could move around and meet new people and have more stores.

  • Richard

    thiz iz cool