Exercise your options – lesson learnt hard way

I left Mixercast some months back and couldn’t exercise my stock-options due to various reasons (new place, new job etc), I forgot it totally. Now ninety days are over and I am (or have) screwed up. As far as I know or told, nothing can be done.

I knew, Mixercast would do well and my reason to leave company was something different. I feel, I had worked hard enough to reach a state of burnout.

Anyway, a lesson learnt, always exercise your options, if you believe in the product/startup/company and have worked hard.

  • Bill

    I know how much blood,tears and pain you had poured in MixerCast.
    You were a synonym of hard-work,passion,enthusiasm and honestly.
    I am really sorry to hear about this.
    Why bad things only happen with good people?

  • Abdul..
    I can understand your position..
    From first day at Nanocast now Mixercast..
    how much efforts you put, and effected your personal life to make that startup successful..
    But it happens , I also learned same thing and now other should learn as well.
    Never believe on assumptions and promises, it all only dream..
    I know you.. and I know one thing as well, you will get what you want very soon , you deserve the best..
    dont be worried, its part of life .

  • Broker

    Ok, now that was not smart. You should have kicked yourself. I also believe you should have kept it to yourself.

  • In my opinion its company’s responsibility to give/told to the employee of their due benefits when one leave the company.

  • Abhishek

    I agree with Boker. You need to kick urself hard. And Sanjay, the company’s responsibility is to give u benefits, not take out the money from the bank and pay ur bills. If u don’t care abt ur money, noone will.
    Sorry Abdul if the above sounds rude, but I know how hard u’ve worked…

  • Talking of the issue … I FULLY agree that its company’s responsibility to give the money or clear the dues .. even if an individual forgets it …
    A STRANGE case .. but true … I worked for Siemens Information Systems Ltd (SISL ) for a year ( June 2005 – June 2006 ) and joined another company after that … believe it or not just a week back i heard from them … ie. almost after 2 years … they have announced some “bonus” to all employees and i will receive mine at my mailing address … it was a pleasant surprise …
    even though i didnt learn much at SISL I was not at all technically satisfied there , but they are good & proffesional people… all of my ex-colleagues got cheque ranging from 2K – 14K , depending upon the no of months worked…