ActionScript compiler in ActionScript

Another interesting project from Metal, he has ported ActionScript compiler (which is part of Tamarin project) to an ActionScript 3.0 library.

He is still working on it, however, he has posted a demo and current version of code. I am sure, this would be pretty useful. I remember of reading a thread on flexcoders about creating mock-objects in ActionScript 3.0, eval-project might prove useful there.

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  • Peter

    If I’m not mistaken there’s already ESC, a self-hosting ECMAScript 4 compiler committed in Tamarin that does just this — great to see it in action though!

  • @Peter: Yup! Tamarin had an ActionScript compiler written in ActionScript, he has ported it to a AS3library, which should b easier to use in our projects..

  • This is indeed a port of ESC to as3, which is a little bit funny since the initial version donated by Adobe was written in AS3.
    The current version now offers both the AS3 port, and the compiled version from ES4 sources, straight out of mozilla’s repository. That will allow folks to assess progress on ESC by just plugging the .abc files in, rather than porting each changes to the AS3 version.
    The flexcoder thread you link to also mentions hxAsm. I was just looking at that the other day. In theory, the esc codebase has all the elements needed to write an AS3 assembler, although it’d need a fair amount of tweaking. Still, it’d be nifty to eventually end up with an eval library that would allow to mix script and assembly.
    All in due time, I suppose 😉