Silverlight and HTTP API

While talking to Arul about various limitations (a few HTTP methods/verbs supported) in Adobe Flash Player‘s HTTP APIs (URLLoader/URLStream etc) and my previous posts, he suggested me to look at Silverlight, what kind of support it has got?

I don’t know, if I can develop Silverlight applications on MacOSX, I would figure out a way using Mono/DotGNU later? But for now, I searched MSDN and quite surprised to see it does support more HTTP methods (DELETE, GET, POST, PUT), at-least in some Silverlight Streaming HTTP package? That means, it’s easier to deal with REST web-services.

Thanks to Arul for giving this idea, I am going to spend sometime playing with Silverlight and try to compare the both Adobe Flash and Silverlight platforms, I am sure that way I can file more enhancement requests for Adobe Flash Player to make it better platform, yup! I love it and want it to be better and better over the time.

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  • I put the blame on Arul!!

  • Hi Abdul,
    I strongly support your suggest but i`m confident that we`ll get this at some point because custom headers are in AIR already so it`s maybe only a security concerb that prevents it from being in the “normal” flash player. Here si an example what we can do today with custom headers in AIR:

  • I was browsing through posts on Google reader just now, and Thibault Imbert of did the same thing as well, for his feature request on FileReference API-
    @savvas, LoL, Thats the advantage of having two products on the same domain, isn’t it?. One can learn from another, and ultimately, end users(we developers, in this case) win!

  • @Benjamin: It’s great that in AIR you can do most of things. BTW! It’s not just about custom-headers, I am totally comfortable with some of the current security-restrictions (f.ex. setting cookie or other such headers are not allowed from ActionScript), it makes sense. But some flexibility would be desirable, since we are the developers who want to control what headers would be set or not? We can set/override most of the HTTP request-headers in AJAX?
    It’s also about limited support for HTTP methods (only GET/POST is supported?). You also don’t get proper HTTP status messages with URLLoader/URLStream ?
    I think, there are couple of reasons why we do we get such API? Probably, not enough uses-cases are thought while developing API, it’s always easy to look at standards being adopted by other platforms and use them, yeah keeping security etc in mind.
    I think, Flash Player product managers should have good development experience in different platforms, so that they can push team to come up with right APIs for developers 😉

  • Yeah, we rolled an as3 http client (focused for use with AIR) over at
    There is a limitation in socket and output progress though which is annoying, but hopefully competition will help us all.

  • @Gabe: Did you look at as3httpclient? as3httpclientlib looks good 🙂

  • @Arul I was joking of course. This is definitely good thing for all (even Adobe)!