• When red5 is well documented, has good examples and tutorials, and installs easily on a server – then I’ll take a look at it. It’s none of these things right now.
    Until then, the time(and hence money) spent tearing your hair out with red5 trying to implement a working solution would probably pay for a FMS licence.

  • I care ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @Stefan, Mike: I was just kidding, FMS is totally cool and a work by hard-working engineers. I respect everyone behind FMS. I do love Red5 (or FOSS in general). Red5 would take sometime to evolve…
    But good for us, as developers and users, that we have more options..
    Thanks for your comments, no offenses meant to anyone..

  • i preffer red5 ,
    learning curve of 1 week at fulltime
    plus is free, stable and adaptable .
    yea the documentation is almost null but you just have to know how to use java.

  • Yeah Red5 just is a bit of headache I have clients on fms, red5, and wowza. And fms is just the most hassle free support wise.