Yahoo! Live goes live

I know it’s old story now but I thought of posting about. Yahoo! Live is cool, I can see some interesting live channels.
The main Yahoo! Live application is done using Adobe Flex and using the power of the Flash Platform. Well do they have any better choice to do video/audio on web ? 😉
Just wondering, how Mogulus and UStream are taking this news?
BTW! Does Y! Live filter f*** word in chat or voice-chat? I was on one of the channels and heard (beep) it getting filtered? If yes, how is audio-filtering happening in real-time?
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  • Subbu

    Hi Abdul,
    I dont think Yahoo Live is a competition to Mogulus, since Mogulus is placed and target a different audience. Mogulus targets people those who wants to own their TV channel (web based), but I dont think Yahoo Live is. Its just allows the user to broadcast their camera and collaborate with other users. Can be used for meetings… and so on…

  • Hi Abdul …
    wow live filtring? you’re adobe 😀 ask yahoo and tell us later how is that?

  • @Saeed: I need to confirm, if it does live filtering. BTW! I don’t work for Adobe, I work for Yahoo! but any thing (views/opinion) on this blog is my own.
    @Subbu: I agree with you, after playing with Y! Live, I know it’s very different from Mogulus. Mogulus has concept of your own personalized studio where you can create stories using existing assets and live-feeds and broadcast those. Mogulus works like a tv-channel with content programming, as you correctly said.