Flashlite: you can’t set standard HTTP headers?

It seems you can’t set most of the standard http headers in Adobe Flashlite, you can set some custom headers. Ok, it’s just like Adobe Flash player security sandbox, but why?
Most of the flashlite applications run in standalone player, not in browser on devices. How I am going to take care of http authentication or similar things. There is no support for more http methods, like head or conditional get requests which make more sense in case of mobile application which run under limited data plan or there is no broadband like stuff for most of users.
I wrote a proof of concept twitter application that runs on flashlite. I want to update it to be like other available apps. I am stuck because Flashlite 3.0 doesn’t let you set Authorization header, whereas, Flashlite 2.0 allows that. There are more issues, like you can’t set http headers in GET request.
Most of these issues also exist in Adobe Flash player, some are security restrictions which make sense for web applications but don’t make sense for mobile applications, as mentioned earlier.
It seems Adobe doesn’t get enough feedback in pre-release cycles or doesn’t consider for various reasons. Get me on pre-release cycle 🙂
Adobe Flashlite rocks, but it has to go a long way, in order to compete with other technologies. It’s not always about video, vector drawing, eye candies, standalone games, great visual design, xml parsing or sockets; application development requires more.
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  • I have come across this exact same issue.
    Working with Flash Lite 3 Standalone and a RoR backend, authentication was pretty much impossible because I could not reliably set authentication headers on a get request(but I could on a POST),very strange. The backend is dependent on set a cookie, and because of this problem, it never gets submitted back on subsequent requests. This has been a huge headache for me, and I have already mentioned it to the Flash Lite team.

  • @Tony i know what you mean. It’s frustrating. I faced it with Flash player, thats wher as3httpclient was born.
    But its same with flashlite.
    Twitter app, i wrote for flashlite 2.0, crashes in flashlite 3.0. I just run the same swf 🙂

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  • Hi Abdul,

    I think I’m in the same problem. I have set a cookie to maintain JSESSIONID in my application, it works fine in Flash Lite 2.0 or 2.1 over HTTP, but it doesn’t work on Flash Lite 3 or over HTTPS.

    I’ll send this feedback to the adobe team in order to try to get an answer… I don’t know the reason behind this decissions..

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