Mashup = Yahoo! Live + Yahoo! Maps + Yahoo! Pipes

After couple of hours, I have come up with simple mashup that uses Yahoo! Live API, Yahoo! Maps (AS3 library) and Yahoo! Pipes. This mashup, simply, shows live broadcasts (channels) on the map.
Check out the mashup!
I love new Yahoo! Maps AS3 libarary, Yahoo! Live and more than these, I love Yahoo! Pipes, it’s cool. I created a pipe in ten minutes and which saved (actually deleted) at least fifty (50) lines of code to handle Yahoo! Live API calls, results, get geo-data and aggregate.
Consuming Yahoo! Live API requires many HTTP requests to get data, whereas with Yahoo! Pipes, one request is good enough. I know, Yahoo! Pipes is doing most of thing on it’s server but it does help us and users.
Yahoo! Live server doesn’t have liberal crossdomain.xml (policy-file), so I needed proxy on my server, that’s not even required with Yahoo! Pipes, so lots of server-bandwidth saved 🙂
Check out the Yahoo! Pipe, I created.
You might not see all the live-channels on map because most of the Yahoo! Live users have not updated their profile with their locations(city, state, country) in their profile. So it’s hard to get geo-data with existing API, hence those channels are not shown on map.
Sometimes you might see inactive channels on map, that’s due to Y! Pipes’ caching, I am looking into it.
I would write some more details of the application and code. Once I am done with:-

  • channels within markers
  • status messages
  • AIR app – each channel can be unpinned to a native-window
  • drag & drop markers on desktop to create shortcuts to channels
  • and other things.

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  • This is a great, Abdul. It seems a lot of people are firing up their webcams to give live broadcasting a go. As I’ve been clicking around, the only thing I wish this had was a hover state or a tool tip to indicate the channel name. I keep clicking on the same markers by accident. It’s very cool though!

  • @Jason: App has lots of issues, I am working to fix it. I would show more details in markers and also handle cases where two markers are overlapping (probably two users are from location)..

  • Hi Abdul,
    I tried this approach to be able to invoke yahoo pipes api from flex. When I change the domain name from to, a valid RSS page is returned (after a long delay) but it is empty. However, the one on still provides valid results. Btw, I did not publish my pipe to public.
    Could you please check if your pipes still work?
    Thanks you,

  • nice

  • Nice article, keep on writing…

  • Good information provided by Abdul. i tried many times to participate in this quiz. but still i don’t. Now i will participate and knows many information. thank u keep on posting.