IDE Factory – Extend your FlexBuilder

I heard about IDE Factory via AXNA a couple of weeks back. I managed to check it out today and I must say it rocks.

If you have done Java development using Eclipse IDE, you are going to love IDE Factory. IDE Factory brings a lot of features to Flex development. Following is the list of features (brought by IDE Factory in FB3), I think would be super useful:-

  • Package Explorer, I love the SWC and Flex/Flash framework stuff
  • E4X Expression Builder
  • Format Flex Source Files – Yup, it can format all source files in the project
  • Extended Wizards for creating ActionScript class/interface and MXML components
  • Cairngorm support

Apart from these, there are some other stuff like asdoc generation, flex-unit tests generation, UML generation, etc.
I am sure, it’s going to evolve to be super useful and would become must-have tool for Flex application development.

It would be great, if they can add support for other Flex frameworks (PureMVC, etc).

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  • Hello Adbul,
    Thank you for trying the Enterprise IDE plugin and for the kind words. We fully intend to support other open source Flex frameworks and PureMVC will probably be the next one supported.
    Luis Lejter
    IDE Factory L.L.C.

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  • Thanks Abdul For this Post, i really liked it and explored it, they are wonderful. IDE Factory Zindhabad. 🙂

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  • Ah.. this should be nice and a must have plugin. Will try it out.