Mobile AIR – When is it coming out?

I have been playing with a lot of mobile widget-platforms. Some of these are Yahoo! Mobile Widget (Yahoo! Go) and S60 WRT.

Both of these are good, but I like S60 WRT when it comes to building widgets for S60 (Symbian) platform. If I have to build widgets for different mobile devices (running on different platforms), Yahoo! Mobile Widget (Blueprint) is good option.

I have to learn new things, which is good, but I was wondering – why can’t I use my existing skills (ActionScript + JS/HTML/CSS) to build things for mobile devices without learning new workflow and technology?

When are we going to see Adobe Integrated Runtime for mobile devices – Mobile AIR? Life would be lot easier, I could transform a lot of my ideas easily into applications?

Hope it happens soon, really soon.

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  • I think not in 2009 because they have just released Flash Lite 3.1 and announced Flash Player 10 for mobile devices… I think it could be when Adobe will launch Flex 4 in the market… my 2 cents

  • I would like to see better browsers on the mobile and javascript support. That would be good for most web developers. Lets see how 2009 progresses especially with the reduced development budgets.

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  • Vidhukrishna

    For the best thing to happen to developers would be the Forum Nokia Developers Conference’09 at Bangalore on the 7th of December. Its gong to be better this time with live demos and the recent developments in mobile applications. Check out for more details