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Pablo “aSH” PARRADO of ActionScriptHero has been doing fantastic job of interviewing Flash Platform developers. It’s great to see and read those interviews.

I was fortunate to get a chance to express my views and I thank Pablo for that.

I must say, it’s really inspiring experience to read what all developers say.

Check out interviews at

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  • Pandu

    Hi Abdul,
    Just visited the, you guys are doing simply extraordinary work. Really impressed with stunning artwork. A way to go Abdul. BTW, do you still remember me by any chance? 🙂

  • Hey man, thanks a lot. Surely, I remember you, can I forget you ?
    How is life? Still in SG?

  • shalini

    interested in handling training on AS3

  • @Pandu – The url for abdul’s company’s site is spelt wrong – its
    Congrats Abdul!

  • @Arul Thanks man…