Adobe Flash Player on devices

Last week, when I heard about JavaFX Mobile, I thought, why didn’t Adobe make a move yet to push Flash Platform on devices?
Not too long ago, I was wondering about Adobe’s plan for Mobile AIR.
We have recently heard some good news, I must say, some fantastic announcements:-

Adobe and Nokia made a right decision by setting up a fund, it’s really important to have a good ecosystem of developers, designers and content-creators. The success of Adobe Flash Platform over the the years is because of this outstanding community of developers, designers and everyone who has been interested into the platform.
Though, I feel Adobe is little late on doing these. They should have been more aggressive. Some of my wishes, Adobe would:

  • Release some great tools for all platforms (not just Windows and OSX).
  • Provide a good documentation on best-practices, performance, etc
  • Some good reusable libraries, components, etc

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  • tarungupta

    Hemanth Sharma is coming this February to India’s first and independent annual summit for the game development ecosystem – India Game Developer Summit (gamedevelopersummit dot com) to discuss the steps involved, the tools Adobe provides and a practical walkthrough to build innovative Flash games for devices in a matter of minutes. He will also cover the new features of Flash Platform that are offered to end users, gaming enthusiasts and developer geeks right from designing, developing, emulating on your desktops to successfully making your content provide similar user experience across a range of devices/platforms.

  • tarungupta