HR and Payroll for small companies in India

Running a company in India is not an easy task, not because you don’t know what you are good at. One has to know a lot more to do things – laws, acts and statutory requirements. It’s easy for anyone with just technical background to make mistakes (i.e. unintentionally not being able to follow things) unless one is surrounded by people who are either domain-experts or professionals.

For last one year, I have been spending a lot of time reading about basics of accounting, acts, laws and such things. Thankfully, there are some good resources (listed below) which proved super useful to anyone like me (technical guys with hardly any background in accounting, laws, etc). I am listing some websites (forums) below, which really helped me a lot.

Though I missed doing things (programming, development, flash/flex, etc), I love to do, during last one year. But I realize, as an entrepreneur, I would have to learn things sooner or later. I hope, in long term I would feel it was worth spending time (almost an year).

(If you are interested in more resource, keep looking at my delicious bookmarks.)

Anyway, let’s talk about things which are related to the subject of this post.

Towards an attempt to be more organized and productive, we started looking at various software/SaaS options for accounting, HR and Payroll. In a small company like ours, which is located in a city where it’s hard to find many good consultants and professionals in these domains, SaaS might be super useful.

At first, we thought of using and customizing some opensource software like openerp for our requirements. But we know, we don’t have domain experts in these areas (accounting, hr, payroll, etc), hence can not keep changing the software the various compliance and statutory requirements by law/government. On the other hand, the total cost (time, money, etc) of ownership for such things is lot more. We find there is more value to use professional services offered in the form of SaaS . That would allow us to focus on things, we should be i.e. innovating, doing great work, building great team and providing great services to our clients.

We are trying to move to a smart SaaS that helps with our HR and Payroll stuff. I have been playing with following websites that offer SaaS for Indian companies.

There are other companies but they don’t allow you to quickly signup and check out their services, before you can make a decision.

I also found one interesting software (windows desktop application), it’s not expensive and actually allows most of things for small companies like ours. The only issue I see, it’s desktop based  and requires windows.

I was expecting Zoho might have payroll solution, it seems they are still working on it (I got a confirmation via email). Zoho seems to have HR (HRM, HRIS) stuff:

After spending a lot of time during last week checking out and playing with various services/software (some listed above). I realize,  greytip is the most mature, flexible and smart solution but user-interface in greytip can be improved a lot.

On the other hand, evetan (thanks to Swaroop for pointing me to it) seems to have a simple user-interface and workflow. It can be improved a lot too while keeping the simplicity.

Hopefully, I would choose one very soon and start using it for our company. If I get some time, I would love to post a detailed comparison of these SaaS/Software (listed above).

  • your blog is very interesting…and ur drive to evaluate SAAS is really amazing.
    What would be the GUI expectations of Non IT/ITeS users [eg:-garments, hotels, retail, manufacturing etc]. Can we expect user behavior of typical IT savvy users from this segment too or functionality would be their first priority?

    • @sree: Thanks for kind words, I noticed your blog is also great. I could find a lot of useful information. As far as user-interface is concerned, it should be simple to deal with. Now it’s hard to define exactly what I mean, but perhaps guided user-interface – User is told about things at each step and also some smart suggestions, tips and facts.

  • Hi Abdul,

    i would like to mention one payroll package available, which is quite famous [i guess], its called saral paypack [] , its in two modules: off-line module[for HR] and on-line module[for every head in a company].

    ->The on-line plugin was done using Adobe Flex Technology for UI and PHP,MySQL for server end processing.
    ->The off-line module was developed ages back using VB.

    And i am proud that i was involved in making the online plugin for few months.[But currently i am not working for that company, but it was a great product,and sales are good too].Anyways i thought it is worth mentioning ,as you made the post regarding it.Take care sir.


    • @kumar: Thanks for sharing the links. I would check it out, now knowing it’s done using Adobe Flex and you were involved 🙂

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