Professional Responsibility and Ethics

I would have spent hundreds of hours talking, about professional responsibility, craftsmanship and ethics, to my team. What you would read below, is a summarised version of the same.

If I sign up for something (a job, a project or something else), I am going to do it with responsibility. If I develop disliking for job/project at any point of time, I am going to:

  • reflect (validate, find causes/solutions)
  • communicate promptly and proactively all the times
  • challenge myself to keep myself motivated
  • try changing things around for better
  • find responsible exit strategy, if there is no hope

We live in free country, there is no reason to do wrong, like:

  • being dishonest with myself and others
  • doing anything (moonlighting, sharing confidential information, etc.)
  • being irresponsible towards my work, hence often repeat mistakes which cause loss to my employer/customer
  • being irresponsible towards, in general

Let me give some examples of wrong-doings, based on my experiences:

  • I lie (wrong reasons) while quitting the job
  • I do something, which I agreed not to do, for the sake of extra money
  • I don't spend enough time figuring out solutions of problem, instead I start running away from problems.
  • I don't communicate properly
  • I assume and judge based on rumours/gossips/assumptions
  • I quit without giving any notice and expect my employer to give me all certificates and positive reference
  • I request to be relieved from my duties without serving a required notice period. I promise buy out (i.e. pay money back to company/customer), which I never do
  • I take some days off from work but I never return back to work; I don't communicate and keep my employer posted on status
  • Above all, my actions are irresponsible, unprofessional and unethical

We all make mistakes. If I made one (wrong-doing) intentionally, it's not good. If I made one unintentionally, later realized it as a mistake, however, I keep repeating, what could be worse than this?

No one is perfect in this world, neither is the company/customer I work with nor I am. However, we can work together despite all these imperfections without doing anything wrong (ethically, professionally). There is always a right option, thankfully.

Good communication, at all the times, always help us doing things right and avoiding wrong ones.

I am not sure, if I could express what I want to say; I hope you can understand what I mean.

Please leave your comment and feel free to correct me, if I am wrong somewhere. I am always open to learn about different perspectives and improve myself.

  • Gagneet

    I totally agree with you man! It is a tough world out there and it makes it tougher when faced with situations like these. For the bigger boys, it is an attrition rate, but for the smaller ones, it amounts to a broken relation.

    But there are situations, when it is burn bridges, bsaid that you should think of yourself before you think of the company, as the company may not always think of you, and this applies to the bigger MNC’s the most; who have a hire-fire policy.

    That said, it is always better to keep the employee happy. If he is not, do not but part amicably and you might have a friend, instead of another statistic on your books 🙂

  • Sunil A Nair

    I also struggle to make people understand the importance of professional responsibility. Lack of ownership towards work and negative attitude are the major problems which I have come across most of the time.
    Another side to this is that, in the current situation most of the organisations do not make a conscious effort to create an environment where the employees excels in his/her work, learn new things and feels excited about the work place. Of course financials is all together a different thing.
    I hope the employers and employees would understand someday that both the sides should make efforts to work ethically and professionally which would benefit both the parties.


    • Sorry it took a while to approve the comment. I didn’t notice it earlier.