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AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime) and Flex 3

Apollo, which was the code name for Adobe desktop runtime, would be known as Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Adobe Flex 3 framework would be cached by Adobe Flash Player for better performance (download wise). Latest beta build of Adobe Flash Player 9 has loads of enhancements.

In short, all these bits are available on labs. Download ’em and give your feedback to Adobe.

Adobe Flex/ActionScript posters are huge

I received Adobe Flex 2 framework and Flash Player 9 API posters. Those are huge but it’s easier to read.

Thanks to Adobe for sending it. You can also get one set, link the from your blog and keep an eye on this page and apply (whenever you can).

Meanwhile, you can download the Flex, ActionScript and Apollo cheatsheats.

Adobe Media Player – Why Media RSS is cool?

I posted about Media RSS sometimes back and now it seems like Adobe Media Player (AMP) would consume RSS 2.0 feeds (with Media RSS extension/module) and do cool things.

I also posted about how something like Democracy Player can be built for Adobe Apollo platform, seems like Adobe Media Player is the answer.

AMP would be cool, I can feel it. It’s another platforms for content-distribution. I don’t have to think much about integration, just follow the standards (RSS, ATOM, microformats etc) and I am cool. That’s the beauty of standards, that’s why I love them.

Dekoh vs Apollo: Marketing strategy?

What is Dekoh?

Directly from Dekoh website:-

Pramati announces Dekoh, a new desktop platform for applications that can deliver integrated experience of web and desktop

I know the company (Pramati Technologies) for some time (through some ex-colleagues at Adobe who came from this company in 2004).

I know these guys have been doing good in Java/J2EE community and contributing in some of the specifications. I respect them for that.

Lately, some of the posts (listed below), from Dekoh guys, sounds like a marketing strategy, where they are trying to get popular by using words like “Adobe”, “Apollo”, “Flash”? 

Some of their posts:-

It’s good idea to create products, come up with new things and give different solutions to developers/end-users. Competition is always good, though in this case I feel Dekoh and Apollo are two different things.

Anyway, I don’t get following points:-

  • How can someone compare things without even understanding or knowing a technology (Adobe Flash/Apollo)?
  • How an engineer from same company starts talking about Apollo-going-Yahoo!-Widget-Engine-way? and sells the idea of Dekoh?
  • How can one company use other company’s marketing effort to get some focus?
  • Why can’t you create your own identity without using other brands in any form (comparison, rant etc) in your marketing/PR agenda? Is Dekoh feeling insecure?

Not only that, I wonder if they have convinced some guys to write about Dekoh vs Apollo story on blogsphere (readwriteweb example, there might be more I don’t know).

I personally don’t like such strategy and didn’t like when Microsoft did something similar in past.

A good product/technology would eventually would be known and used. We need to leave things users/community to decide/use/review/conclude?

I have not seen Dekoh, except screenshots and I don’t remember of having said anything against it. I just feel uncomfortable, when I read such posts.

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Apollo: Use-case analysis

I have been thinking about different use-case for Adobe Apollo platform.
I analysed Democracy Player, which I use a lot for watching and saving videos from web(internet). I can imagine, how much effort would have gone in making it cross-platform (MacOSX/Windows/Linux)?
With Apollo platform, making such things are lot easier, I can develop once and run it on different platforms (Windows, MacOSX, Linux-in-future) in consistent manner. Ok, I am not just repeating which was said for Java-client-applications, it’s totally doable, possible and feasible to do that. There are some cool examples FineTune Desktop, YourMinis Desktop etc. Adobe Flash Player has gained the status of true cross-platform, Apollo would also do. I am confident about that.
Though, there are a few things that I would need in Apollo to implement all features of Democracy Player. Things I can’t implement as of today (for Apollo Alpha runtime) are:-

  • Play-back different media formats (mov, mpeg, wmv, divx, xvid, mp4 etc)
  • Open ports or listen on ports or P2P capabilities. For example, to take complete advantage of Bittorrent protocol, client needs to open ports. Why?.

I am very hopeful, later releases of Apollo would solve these problems.

Mac OSX tools for performance/memory profiling

You can use following commands to check the memory/performance/memory-leaks of your applications during development.

  • /usr/bin/top or top
  • /usr/bin/vmmap or vmmap
  • /usr/bin/leaks or leaks

If you have XCode and Apple developer tools installed (you get in CD), you can find more tools in /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools
It takes sometime to understand tools, but it’s really useful while development. One of the reasons, I started using Mac OSX because it’s on top of *nix and there are good free tools that comes with it (in CD/DVD).
You can get lots of Open-Source/FSF tools ported for Mac OSX (and Darwin) using Fink or Darwin Port package management tools.

Apollo Camp summary

Adobe San Francisco office had a large crowd of around 300+ attending Apollo camp. It was good scene, people hanging around in different corners, talking, hacking, networking, having beer and playing WII. It reminded me of Macromedia MAX 2005 but it was more fun at Apollo camp.
Adobe gave away a free license of FlexBuilder 2 with Flex 2 charting to everyone who attended Apollo Camp. It solved my problem, I couldn’t buy FlexBuilder 2 from Adobe India store, I don’t have to anymore 🙂
It was good experience to be at Apollo Camp. It’s always nice to meet people I know through blogs/forums or have been talking online. I met Ted Patrick, Ryan Stewart, Renaun, Clint Modien, Chuck Freedman, Josh Tynjala, LordAlex, Justin et al for first time. Once again, I met JD and Andrew Spaulding, it’s nice to meet them.
It was nice to meet ex-teammates from macromedia/adobe. I took this opportunity to convey message to Ely that developers in India are big fan of him and want him to come down to India. He said, he is thinking about it 🙂
I started feeling sleepy because of Jet lag and got lazy, couldn’t click many photographs and also missed meeting/talking many people, one of them is Niall Kennedy, I didn’t know if he would be around. He doesn’t know me but I am a regular reader of his blog on syndication and standards(rss/atom/microformats).
In particular, I liked FineTune deskop, yourminis and Flash/Flex-Java communication demos. Check out what everyone is talking about Apollo camp.
Apollo Alpha 1 would be on labs very soon, that means we would get to see more cool applications being done once it’s out.
Thanks Ted for helping me, without your help I could not attend pre-Apollo-camp session and Apollo camp. It was nice meeting you in person.

Apollo or WPF/E or Firefox

Which one would you choose for RIAs-for-Desktop or Occasionally-Connected-Clients (OCC) ?
We are familiar with Apollo, some of us know about Microsoft’s WPF/E platform which is said to be cross-platform. Mozilla Firefox rocks, specially Firefox 2.0, it provides you persistent-storage APIs among other new features.
I am just thinking why would I be using either of these? Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts please share it.
I would posting my opinion in later post.