Phase of life

How does it feel when you have:

  • not written a single line of code in last twenty days
  • not been online for last five days
  • been very sick last few days
  • been thinking to relocate to another city within next one week
  • missed barcamp-bangalore talk and fun, for which you were so excited about and got involved in planning initially
  • started feeling that everything and everyone around you are changing?
  • not followed a single thread in any of mailing lists you have subscribed to
  • not imagined things which are happening with you now
  • feelings of uncertainty but full of hopes for future
  • started avoiding too much talking to avoid others making you feel bad about your decisions
  • started believing strongly actions speak louder than words

That’s my state now. I don’t exactly know how does it feel? I surely feel weaker, disconnected, lost, alone, lazy and what-not.
Is it because I have been ignoring my food and been on coffee and sandwich for almost last two months? Is it because I really need a break? But then reading a part of an email from a friend confuses me more, these words specially: Confucius said, “everyday is a holiday if you love what you do.”
Anyways, I believe it’s a phase of life. There is always learning so am I doing in this phase of life.