Google Docs – Post to your blog

I just figured out, you can post to your blog using Google Docs. I love this feature because it solves following problems:

  • most of the times, I start writing something at home and end up posting using office computer or vice-versa
  • end up using some editing cum publishing software (not many are cross-platform – I always feel like writing Windows Live Writer clone in AIR)
  • VIM is handy for writing but who doesn’t want a cross-platform WYSIWYG editor, which can generate valid xhtml?

Google Docs can post to most of the blogs (Blogger, WordPress, MovableType, LiveJournal, etc).
Check out this article to learn – how to post to your blogs from Google Docs
BTW! This post is authored and published using Google Docs

Update (March 14, 2008): Google Docs is buggy, at least with Movable Type API, It didn’t post the subject-title properly, I had to remove preview post

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