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Internship Opportunities @ Allies

We have been working on some exciting stuff for over last three years, we want to take that to next  level. We also have some crazy and cool ideas for new products/saas, we have got enough details figured out to get started.

We want some smart interns to work with us during this summer or longer (perhaps six months or full-time :-) ) in any or all of following:

  • Web Development (goal: build new products or extend existing products)
  • Mobile (goal: turn our ideas into reality by building some cools apps and games for iPhone, Android and other mobile-devices)
  • Flash Platform (goal: build some cool applications for our existing project)

Summer vacation has started in most of the colleges in India; Some passionate students would want to do something more useful during this time.  If you are one of them, why don’t you get in touch with us?

BTW! We are always looking to hire smart and passionate designers and developers for our team. If you are interested into a full-time position, please let me know.

A Developer’s Open Letter to RIM

Jamie Murai has written an open letter to RIM, the company behind Blackberry and Playbook. Jamie talks about his experience of setting up development environment for Playbook application development.

It seems, RIM has failed to attract developers, the credit goes to broken development process and tool-chain. One has to spend good amount of time (and money?) setting up development environment, building application and deploying the same to marketplaces.

Why would developers bother looking at Playbook development, when they have better options (iOS and Google Android), where  development, deployment and monetization is relatively very-very simpler.

Developer usability is very important. Any company that relies on developer community/ecosystem for their growth, should take some lessons from Jamie Murai’s open-letter, which enlists some important points/issues.

Read Jamie Murai’s Open Letter To RIM’s Developer Relations.

BSNL 3G configuration – new access point name

It seems BSNL secretly changed the 3G access-point details around couple of weeks back, so my 3g connection stopped working. I looked over internet to figure out the latest configuration details, I couldn’t locate one.

I talked to BSNL 3G technical guys in Kanpur and to my surprise, most of them were also not aware of the change. Thankfully, one of the guys from BSNL Bangalore office, confirmed the latest access-point details, as shown below:

Access point name: bsnlnet

In case you are wondering, what all other changed, that’s it. JFYI! Old access-point name was, which doesn’t work anymore.

So if you have been unable to use BSNL 3G during last couple of weeks, perhaps new access-point name can work for you.

I am not sure, if there are different access-point name for different parts of country (north, south, east, west)?

Mobile AIR – When is it coming out?

I have been playing with a lot of mobile widget-platforms. Some of these are Yahoo! Mobile Widget (Yahoo! Go) and S60 WRT.

Both of these are good, but I like S60 WRT when it comes to building widgets for S60 (Symbian) platform. If I have to build widgets for different mobile devices (running on different platforms), Yahoo! Mobile Widget (Blueprint) is good option.

I have to learn new things, which is good, but I was wondering – why can’t I use my existing skills (ActionScript + JS/HTML/CSS) to build things for mobile devices without learning new workflow and technology?

When are we going to see Adobe Integrated Runtime for mobile devices – Mobile AIR? Life would be lot easier, I could transform a lot of my ideas easily into applications?

Hope it happens soon, really soon.

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Yahoo! Go 1.X is discontinued

I got an email yesterday, Yahoo! Go 1.x would be discontinued tonight i.e. August 27, 2007 midnight. I am suggested to upgrade to Yahoo! Go 2.0, which unfortunately doesn’t work on any of Nokia S60 second-edition phones. I am suggested to use mobile-browser to access services provided by Yahoo! Go 1.x. Well I think, that’s not going to help because:-

  • I loved the way Yahoo! Go seamlessly integrates with phone and delivers mails/messages to Phone’s inbox.
  • I loved Yahoo! Messenger in Yahoo! Go 1.x
  • I loved the Yahoo! Calendar integration with Phone’s calendar.

I think, I liked the seamless integration.

My brother told me that Yahoo! Go 2.0 on Nokia N95 (or S60 third-edition) doesn’t come with Yahoo! messenger, that’s not good? Why it’s missing from new version (Yahoo! Go 2.0)? Is it because of some business-deal (BlackBerry etc)?

I think, taking away an important feature in new version of software/hardware or lack of backward compatibility would upset users. Backward compatibility is important.

I am upset because Yahoo! Go 1.x would stop working on my phone, I don’t know why? It’s alright to release new version but that shouldn’t force existing users to upgrade or not being able to use existing (installed) software.

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FlashLite 2.1 Launcher for Series 60 2nd edition

Update:<Feb 28, 07> I fixed a bug which prevented the launcher from exiting. Optimized the code.

Leonardo Risuleo posted another article on how to create a FlashLite 2.1 launcher. I have read his other article on Adobe devnet. Interestingly, I have also been thinking/doing on same thing for last some days.

I have modified his code to work on Series 60 2nd edition (not tested on all). Also added functionality where SWF would be opened after some delay, because FlashLite player takes around 6-7 seconds to show splash-animation.

You can download the source.  You would need Carbide.C++, if you want to compile without doing much.

If you want to test without compiling, copy Twitter App to E:\Others\Opera\  and then install  .sis.

If you are going to build your own launcher, you would need to change following things in “inc\FlashLite21LauncherConstants.h” :

  • SWF file-path 
  • KMaxWaitTime – You might want to adjust the delay after some test. Default is ten seconds.

Apart from that, please make sure your project has your unique UID. You can either use from protected range or get one from Symbian. You can register on to find more details.

FlashLite developers from India – Please read

India Adobe Mobile and Devices user-group (IndiMaD) is launched today. Mariam has been working on it for sometime.
If you are working on Adobe FlashLite platform or interested in FlashLite; Please join the group by sending email to [flashliteindia at], we can request Mariam to setup registration form and a mailing-list for it.
Let’s start sharing knowledge and developing kick-ass stuff 🙂

Adobe FlashLite 2.1 is free for Symbian devices

Through Bill Perry’s blog I got to know that FlashLite 2.1 standalone player is free for supported Symbian devices (Nokia S60, Sony etc). Yet another good move by Adobe. I am not sure, what would be their revenue model by making this free? Anyways, Thanks Adobe.

Check out Bill’s post for more. You can get installer from this download link.


Gmail on mobile

Just installed Gmail client on my Nokia N90. Installation was smooth, I have to point my mobile’s browser to and page detected my mobile model and installation was finished within few seconds.

User interface is very similar and shortcuts are also simple to use. List of emails are updated one demand, when list is scrolled. It is optimized for mobile screen and data capabilities. Though, I don’t like the way it accepts the user-input, probably it’s made in J2ME so it uses standard input mode which is different screen to enter and then come back to main screen. I would really like if they allow data-entry in place or edit-in-place.

Overall, it’s good and I can now check flexcoders emails more often.

I am listing shortcuts (function key) here, might be useful:

  • Inbox 0
  • Search 1
  • Compose 2
  • Mark as unread 3
  • Delete 7
  • Report spam 8
  • Archive 9
  • Add start *

Just wondering, if Gmail client can be made for FlashLite 2.0? Is Gmail API open for such things?

Access your remote PC, Skype with SoonR

SoonR allows you to access your remote PC, skype account, Outlook etc from your mobile device without installing any software on your mobile device. However, you need to install SoonR desktop client on your PC.
Check out it’s features. Also check out two posts on Om Malik’s blog for review and comments.
SoonR has signed a deal with Tata Indicom. Interesting thing is, Tata Indicom guys got to know about SoonR from GigaOm.

Nokia Sensor: A Social Software

Nokia has released ‘Nokia Sensor‘ software, I think, which works on all Nokia phones with Symbian OS 60 series. It is a social software which works using Bluetooth technology, it allows you to find people around you. Some of them might become your friends.
You can create a small homepage(folio) with your photo, your introduction & some more information about you. You can also share media(files). You can also add someone as your buddy, you get an alert when buddy is around you.
If you find a someone around you, you can see her folio, download the files shared by her, leave guest book entry in her folio etc etc.
Indeed, pretty cool stuff. This is new kind of application, this is going to change the way we meet people. Rishi, a geek friend & collegue, and I were discussing similar idea some two-three months back. And I am really happy that Nokia worked on it and released Sensor. Today again, we were discussing this and we realized how this going to change things if it is linked with orkut like people networks.
How dating would become easy, how easily we would meet a person sitting near us in a cafe or movie hall :). But for that, people should download and start using it. Today while watching a movie in a cinema hall, I could find some ten people with Bluetooth enabled Nokia sets, but none of them was using Nokia Sensor. May be it would take sometime for word to spread around.
Check it out yourself, look at the flash demo there. Download page.

Symantec Mobile Security for Symbian

Symantec has released a public beta of their Mobile Security software for Symbian 60/80 series. It’s really nice move. I am not aware of any other company providing an anti-virus software for Symbian or Nokia 60/80 series.
I just installed it on my Nokia 6600, it works fine. It has features like auto-protect, firewall & live-update.
These days mobile viruses are getting very common, I remember a few days back my phone(Nokia 6600) was bombarded by many Bluetooth messages containing some kind of .sis file, it might have been a self-distributing virus.
Mobile is happening and next big thing. Early starters would have advantage in coming time. There is so much to happen, it’s all about providing applications which solve some problems. For example, a scientific calculator which has a very usable UI and which solves problems with accuracy. UI would play a key role in success of these applications.
Greeting cards, ring tones, wall papers, games etc are some thing any multimedia designers/developers can start making for Mobile devices, India has market for these(entertainment etc) things now.