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InfiBeam – Online Store for India

Infibeam is like Amazon for India, I am mostly interested in books and could find most of the books on Infibeam. There are some, which I believe they would import and ship to you.

Infibeam is shipping free anywhere in India, that’s another good thing.

I have been buying books from Infibeam for sometime, so far experience has been good except one particular instance.

I ordered a book, everything went well and I was told within one or two week, book would be shipped. After waiting for a week or so, I get an email from Infibeam that since book is out of stock, they would not be able to ship it. I exchanged couple of emails with their staff, asking the reasons and how it should be – if you confirmed the order, you should deliver the book, otherwise you might loose some customers.

BTW! It has been more than a month, I believe, they are yet to refund the money for the order they could not complete 🙂

Having said all (positive and negative experience), I feel, overall, it looks good to me. That one instance is out of 10, so I am going to continue trying them

Apollo – I am thinking about it

Techcrunch article on Apollo made me think again about Apollo:-

  • How should Apollo’s security-sandbox look like?
  • What kind of applications, I would target for Apollo?
  • There must be some guidelines/best-practice to make a successful Apollo app? The way we have today for web-apps.
  • There must be application-signing process? Adobe certified Apollo applications? VeriSign certified application? How these things gonna work?
  • Would it be easy to synchronize my different Apollo installations so that I can have same settings (global or application-level)? The way delicious solves problem for bookmarks, something of that sort? May be access to Bluetooth, Network, IR APIs?

Loads of ideas/questions in my mind. I would wait, think, watch and build. Apollo is still under-development.

Too much work today…

I am very busy today, still found some minutes to write here :). Three projects, really hard to manage equally. I have to work on priority basis. If all of three are on fire, then priorities become equal and it becomes more harder.
There more change requests from past projects and you have to manage those also with present assignments. I need to take Time Management classes.
I have to be serious and come up with better time management plan otherwise my whole life is going to be like this. Let me think one….